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Various Artists - ZZ Top & The Best Of The Year So Far

Жанр: Blues Rock | Hard Rock
Страна: multinational
Год издания: 2012
Аудиокодек: MP3
Lossless: Badeny
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 01:11:35

01 - ZZ Top - I Gotsa Get Paid [00:04:04]
02 - The Darkness - Nothings Gonna Stop Us [00:02:26]
03 - Cory Branan - Survivor Blues [00:03:33]
04 - Tremonti - Leave It Alone [00:04:39]
05 - Howlin Rain - Strange Thunder [00:08:53]
06 - Def Leppard - Its All About Believin [00:04:22]
07 - Phantom Limb - Gravy Train [00:04:15]
08 - Von Hertzen Brothers - Let Thy Will Be Done [00:04:47]
09 - Squackett - Storm Chaser [00:05:27]
10 - Joe Bonamassa Ft. Jimmy Barnes - Too Much Aint Enough Love [00:05:37]
11 - The Treatment - Run Run Run [00:02:35]
12 - Fang Island - Asunder [00:04:28]
13 - We Are Augustines - Juarez [00:04:20]
14 - The Night Flight Orchestra - Siberian Queen [00:06:03]
15 - Asia - Face On The Bridge [00:05:59]

[b]ZZ Top – Three years in the making and nine years on from their last album, they’re back they’re back with a new record – with Rick Rubin at the helm – and a rocket up their ass.

Bruce Springsteen – Bleak tales of murder and despair, recorded in a bedroom and mixed on a beat box. At the wrong speed. Yet his Nebraska album became one of the artistic triumphs of the 80s.

Mark Tremonti – With Alter Bridge and Creed to keep guitarist him busy you’d think he’d have enough on. But now he’s also relishing stepping up to the mic with his solo band.

Peter Green – He was one of the greatest British blues guitarists of his generation. But his journey from troubled East End kid to unwilling superstar went horribly wrong.

Steve Vai – His new album – part of his conceptual Real Illusions trilogy – is nothing if not ambitious. But then Vai is no ordinary guitarist.

Grace Slick – Lover to Morrison. Friend of Joplin. Arrested more times than Lemmy. Took more drugs than Winehouse. “We were rock’n’ rollers, not bankers.”

The Gaslight Anthem – They’re Bruce Springsteen’s favourite new band. And they’re born to run. Is Brian Fallon the new Boss?

Brad – After 20 years they’re finally out from under the wing of the Pearl Jam and being recognised as the real deal. “We feel like we’re only just getting started.”

The Stories Behind The Songs: Asia – Originally it “was in 6/8 time and would have made a very good country song”, it became an evergreen rock staple and the band’s signature hit. That’ll be Heat Of The Moment.

Fly On The Wall: Felix Papparladi is shot dead by his wife – The combination of drugs, guns and an unhinged wife blew the Mountain bassist and ex-Cream producer away. Insiders and eye-witnesses recall the murder trial.

Buyer’s Guide: Kate Bush – A unique and wonderful talent who has always existed apart from the norm, nobody else makes music quite like Kate Bush.

Heavy Load: Jon Anderson – The ex-Yes vocalist on prog, God, good drugs and bad times. </span>

Трекер:  [ 14-Окт-2012 11:52 ]


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