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Paatos / Дискография (6 альбомов)

Жанр: Progressive Rock
Страна: Sweden
Год издания: 2002-2012
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 04:37:38
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
1. Sensor (5:11)
2. Hypnotique (8:32)
3. Téa (5:45)
4. They Are Beautiful (7:44)
5. Quits (12:17)
1. Gasoline (5:55)
2. Holding On (5:00)
3. Happiness (5:20)
4. Absinth Minded (4:49)
5. Look At Us (5:25)
6. Reality (7:37)
7. Stream (5:17)
8. Won't Be Coming Back (5:32)
9. In Time (6:34)
1. Shame (4:32)
2. Your Misery (5:06)
3. Falling (5:10)
4. Still Standing (6:10)
5. Is That All ? (6:49)
6. Procession Of Fools (0:34)
7. There Will Be No Miracles (3:36)
8. Not A Sound (7:25)
9. Silence Of Another Kind (2:41)
1. Gone (5:52)
2. Fading Out (3:36)
3. Shells (5:58)
4. In That Room (4:56)
5. Andrum (1:25)
6. No More Rollercoaster (4:15)
7. Breathing (5:56)
8. Sm?rtan (4:30)
9. Surrounded (4:48)
10. Ploing, My Friend (0:56)
11. Precious (4:25)
12. Over and Out (3:31)
01 - Feel
02 - Desire
03 - Cold War
04 - Into The Flames
05 - Tea (revisited)
06 - In Time (revisited)
07 - Precious (remixed)
08 - Your Misery (remixed)
1. Happiness (5:16)
2. Your misery (5:08)
3. Gasoline (5:16)
4. Tea (6:19)

Side B

5. Hypnotique (7:12
6. Absinth minded(3:58)
7. Sensor (9:41)

Bonus tracks

8. Prologue (8:31)
9. Shame (4:54)
On a cold clear February evening in Falkoping 1993 the two Stockholm based groups Landberk and Agg plays together for the first time at a local rock club. Out of this meeting comes a sense of musical unity, which is reinforced a year later when they meet again at a concert in Vanersborg in May 1994. When in 1999 Reine Fiske, the guitar player of Landberk, is asked to play with the famous Swedish folk rock singer Turid he chooses to team up with Stefan from Landberk and Ricard and Johan from Agg.

After the last concert with Turid at a festival in August 2000 it feels natural for Reine, Stefan, Ricard and Johan to continue their collaboration. The musical energy between them is now flowing at full speed. As an instrumental band they play two TV shows, and now the idea of recording takes form. But who is to sing? A female voice seems natural since the time with Turid.

Close by is Petronella, who together with Ricard for a long time has been writing music. Suddenly PAATOS comes to existence. Turid contributes with a song called "Tea", which she writes the same night as Ricard and Petronella have their first baby. The lyrics are about this event of which Turid at the time is unaware.

"Tea" and the song "Perception" is recorded "live" at Goran Freeses analouge studio and released as a 7' vinyl singel in the early spring of 2001.

In the fall of 2001 and spring of 2002 the band writes and records what is to become the debut album in their rehearsal studio using Ricards recording equipment. During this process Paatos gets an offer to compose and perform music to the classic silent movie Nosferatu at a film festival in Umea. This is an offer the band can't refuse, although it will delay the release of the album. In less than two month the band writes and rehearses music for the one and a half hour long movie. It is performed in front of an excited live audience on the 2:nd of November.

The recording of the album continues in the spring. The band is supported by the David Wilczevski (clarinet, bass clarinet and flute), Micke Sorensen (trumpet), Jonas Wall (saxophone), Per Kristensson (trombone).

The mixing of the album is carried out at the legendary Atlantic studios, with the sound engineer Jan Hansson. The idea of recording the album in the own rehearsal studio with time to try out all ideas for arrangements, then to do the mixing in a large studio without having to compromise with sound quality, has been crucial for the final result.

Biography source

Update from the band's website:
2004 Paatos records their second album Kallocain. They had recently signed with Inside Out who organized a live broadcast on Rockpalast in Köln. This footage was included in part on a luxury edition of Kallocain. The album was mixed by Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree.

Silence Of Another Kind (referred to as SOAK) was released on Inside Out in 2006. This was followed by extensive touring around Europe to promote their album. Paatos both headlined and opened for Porcupine Tree.

While on tour the band recorded several of their shows which resulted in a live album they called Sensors. The recording was first released in 2008 on vinyl on the mellotronen label and later that year on CD in Japan on the Arcàngelo label.

In 2009 Paatos starts writing and recording music for their fifth album, Breathing. This feature their new bass player, Rockis. Their collaboration with Inside Out ends and they sign with Glassville Records in Holland. In conjunction with this release Paatos makes a video of the first song of the album, Gone.
Line-up / Musicians

- Peter Nylander / guitars
- Ricard "Huxflux" Nettermalm / drums
- Petronella Nettermalm / vocals
- Ulf "Rockis" Ivarsson / bass

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