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L'Ombra Della Sera / L'Ombra Della Sera
Жанр: Rock Progressivo Italiano
Год издания: 2012
Издатель (лейбл): AMS Records
Номер по каталогу: AMS 204 CD
Страна: Italy
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 44:40
Источник (релизер): CD (мой рип)
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да

1. Gamma (Music by Enrico Simonetti) - 11:21
2. La Traccia Verde (Music by Berto Pisano) - 3:51
3. Il Segno Del Comando (Cento Campane) (Music by Romeo Grano) - 6:34
4. Ritratto di Donna Velata (Music by Riz Ortolani) - 5:03
5. Ho Incontrato Un' Ombra (A Blue Shadow) (Music by Berto Pisano) - 17:51.
Il Segno Del Comando
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L'Ombra Della Sera / L'Ombra Della Sera

Used drive : SlimtypeDVD A DS8A4S Adapter: 1 ID: 0

Read mode : SecureUtilize accurate stream : YesDefeat audio cache : YesMake use of C2 pointers : No

Read offset correction : 6Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out : NoFill up missing offset samples with silence : YesDelete leading and trailing silent blocks : NoNull samples used in CRC calculations : YesUsed interface : Installed external ASPI interface

Used output format : Internal WAV RoutinesSample format : 44.100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo

TOC of the extracted CD

Track | Start | Length | Start sector | End sector --------------------------------------------------------- 1 | 0:00.00 | 11:21.67 | 0 | 51141 2 | 11:21.67 | 3:51.03 | 51142 | 68469 3 | 15:12.70 | 6:34.39 | 68470 | 98058 4 | 21:47.34 | 5:03.04 | 98059 | 120787 5 | 26:50.38 | 17:51.17 | 120788 | 201129

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Filename D:\bzp01\L’Ombra Della Sera - L’Ombra Della Sera\L'Ombra Della Sera - L'Ombra Della Sera.wav

Peak level 100.0 % Extraction speed 1.6 X Range quality 99.9 % Test CRC AADC1CC0 Copy CRC AADC1CC0 Copy OK

No errors occurred

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Track 1 not present in databaseTrack 2 not present in databaseTrack 3 not present in databaseTrack 4 not present in databaseTrack 5 not present in database

None of the tracks are present in the AccurateRip database

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==== Log checksum 46F32A46385EEC6502E9D807D2274BDD2B809BE754FBB6B4A2A556DF07386B84 ====
REM GENRE "Progressive Rock"REM DATE 2012REM DISCID 380A7905REM COMMENT "ExactAudioCopy v1.0b1"PERFORMER "L'Ombra Della Sera"TITLE "L'Ombra Della Sera"FILE "L'Ombra Della Sera - L'Ombra Della Sera.flac" WAVE TRACK 01 AUDIO TITLE "Gamma" PERFORMER "L'Ombra Della Sera" INDEX 01 00:00:00 TRACK 02 AUDIO TITLE "La Traccia Verde" PERFORMER "L'Ombra Della Sera" INDEX 00 11:19:67 INDEX 01 11:21:67 TRACK 03 AUDIO TITLE "Il Segno Del Comando" PERFORMER "L'Ombra Della Sera" INDEX 00 15:10:70 INDEX 01 15:12:70 TRACK 04 AUDIO TITLE "Ritratto di Donna Velata" PERFORMER "L'Ombra Della Sera" INDEX 00 21:45:34 INDEX 01 21:47:34 TRACK 05 AUDIO TITLE "Ho Incontrato Un' Ombra (A Blue Shadow)" PERFORMER "L'Ombra Della Sera" INDEX 00 26:48:38 INDEX 01 26:50:38
[CUETools log; Date: 24.11.2012 11:51:36; Version: 2.1.1][CTDB TOCID: BFQaSZgRUuMU.smkNFbOs8J83mM-] found. [ CTDBID ] Status [14c8d0cf] (1/1) Accurately ripped[AccurateRip ID: 00083bc5-00264f3b-380a7905] found.Track [ CRC ] Status 01 [a9784b83] (0/1) No match but offset 02 [909027e5] (0/1) No match but offset 03 [10abb38f] (0/1) No match but offset 04 [833b505e] (0/1) No match but offset 05 [e45d22ae] (0/1) No match but offset

Track Peak [ CRC32 ] [W/O NULL] [ LOG ] -- 100,0 [AADC1CC0] [66BE5239] CRC32 01 100,0 [D9DEF596] [ACA8C0F9] 02 72,3 [2A1D425E] [E63A68C7] 03 100,0 [99AB0EA4] [8520EF90] 04 100,0 [799D6407] [6FB618CF] 05 100,0 [BAD949E2] [18FBE83C]



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FILE: L'Ombra Della Sera - L'Ombra Della Sera.flac Size: 244542827 Hash: 23594E9093519D47DD237FF6BE7A9306 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 4CF3BA1FC5F6115C423689867C02BD9918FFD4BD
L'Ombra Della Sera biography

I doubt there's anyone more prolific than FABIO ZUFFANTI working in the Italian prog scene today. ARIES, HOSTSONATEN, FINISTERRE, LA MASCHERA DI CERA.... The list goes on. Now we can add L'OMBRA DELLA SERA to that list which in reality is not an entirely new band but is in actual fact LA MASCHERA DI CERA with a few guests working under a different name. The reason for this name change is that this is the band performing a set of seventies Italian TV play soundtracks by writers such as CLAUDIO SIMONETTI (GOBLIN, CHERRY FIVE), RIZIERO ORTOLANI and BERTO PISANO.

Despite the LA MASCHERA DI CERA connection a name change seems like a wise decision as L'OMBRA DELLA SERA, whilst having the common ground of a retro sound, the more symphonic approach of the former is replaced by a light jazz and funky style with occasional ambient textures and some KING CRIMSON thrown in for good measure and does indeed have the intended feel of seventies TV soundtracks. This is something the band have strived for with the use of authentic seventies keyboards such as fender rhodes, Hammond, minimoog and mellotron.

The nature of this project suggests it may turn out to be a one off but that remains to be seen.

Paul Fowler (Nightfly).
Maurizio Di Tollo, Agostino Macor and Fabio Zuffanti are three musicians who have been active for some years - respectively in the role of drummer, keyboardist and bassist - in the Italian prog band La Maschera Di Cera. This group, active since 2001, has produced four studio albums and has rapidly become one of the most qualified and followed Italian bands of the new school of progressive rock. Maurizio, Agostino and Fabio are versatile musicians active in various other musical projects ranging from prog to jazz, pop and songwriting.

In 2011 the three musicians decided to create a project based on re-proposition of the soundtracks of some of the dark and mysterious Italian TV fictions of the seventies made by masters like Simonetti, Ortolani or Pisano. To do this they closed themselves in the studio and chose to use only original and vintage instruments, such as Mellotron, Minimoog, Hammond, Theremin, Fender Rhodes...

The result is the album L'ombra Della Sera (which gave also the name of the project), published in February 2012 by AMS/BTF label.

To make this work, the three musicians have used the collaboration of two other components of La Maschera Di Cera (Alessandro Corvaglia on vocals and Andrea Monetti on flute), plus Paul Furio Marrasso on double bass, Roberto Calcagno and Francesco Nappi Mascardi on trumpet and sax).

Everything was recorded and artistically co-produced by Rox Villa at Hilary Studios in Genoa.

The sound of the record goes back to the dark and gothic school of Van Der Graaf Generator, to some experimental pages of King Crimson, and mixes chamber music, psychedelic and funky flavours with the modern taste and originality, of which the three musicians are equipped, which has allowed them to make these musics very personal. As if they had composed them..
.Maurizio Di Tollo, Agostino Macor и Fabio Zuffanti три музыканта, которые были активны в течение нескольких лет - соответственно в роли барабанщика, клавишника и басиста - в итальянской прог-группе La Maschera Di Cera. Эта группа, с 2001 года, выпустила четыре студийных альбома и быстро стала одной из влиятельных групп новой школы итальянского прогрессивного рока. Маурицио, Агостино и Фабио являются универсальными музыкантами, они активно участвуют в различных других музыкальных проектах, начиная от прога и джаза до попа.

В 2011 году трое музыкантов решили создать проект, основанный на темах саундтреков из темных и таинственных итальянских фильмов семидесятых годов, таких мастеров как Simonetti, Ortolani, Pisano. Для этого они решили использовать только оригинальные и старинные инструменты, такие как Mellotron, Minimoog, Hammond, Термен, Fender Rhodes ...

Результатом явился альбом L'Ombra Della Sera (который также дал название проекту), опубликованный в феврале 2012 года на лейбле AMS / BTF.

Для этой работы, в кчестве гостей были также приглашены два других музыканта из La Maschera Di Cera (Alessandro Corvaglia - вокал и Андреа Monetti - флейта), а также Павел Furio Marrasso на контрабасе, Роберто Кальканьо и Франческо Nappi Mascardi на трубе и саксофоне).

Мне, лично, альбом понравился. Получился этакий атмосферный симфо-прог с большой толикой джаз-фьюжна, психоделики и фанка, погружающий с головой в атмосферу итальянских фильмов 70-х годов.
- Fabio Zuffanti / bass
- Agostino Macor / keyboards
- Maurizio Di Tollo / drums

- Alessandro Corvaglia / voice
- Andrea Monetti / flute
- Paolo Fulvio Marrasso / double bass
- Enrico Guoa / trumpet
- Gianni Allevi / sax

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