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Скачать [MeAndMyGfs.com / AllElitePass.com] (69) MegaPack / Я, и мои подружки [2009-2010, All Sex, Amateur, Creampie, POV] через torrent

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<span style="color: #993399;">MeAndMyGfs.com (Я, и мои подружки)</span>

<span style="color: #993399;">Охваченный временной промежуток: <span style="color: olive;">2009-2010</span>
<span style="color: #993399;">Страна</span>: <span style="color: olive;">США</span>
<span style="color: #993399;">Жанр</span>: <span style="color: olive;">All Sex, Amateur, Creampie, POV</span></span>

Подсайт и сайт: MeAndMyGfs.com / AllElitePass.com
<span style="color: #993399;">Тип ПАКа: <span style="color: olive;">В ПАКе больше 50 роликов (MegaPack)</span>
<span style="color: olive;">Количество роликов</span>: <span style="color: olive;">69 роликов</span></span>
Welcome Guys! <span style="color: olive;">Hi, I'm Jack and I have a new girlfriend every week. Sometimes I even have two! But the best part about this is that I get to film them whenever they're naked and naughty. And I get to share the videos with you! So come on over and watch my girlfriends in the buff now -- they're also excited to show off their pussies!</span>
Доп. информация: <span style="color: gray;">Ну что? На сегодня у нас довольно живенький платничек, посвященный аля Хоум Мэйд Прону. Заметил на трекере пару отдельных видосов, и решил уж полностью слить сюда весь контент дабы закрыть с ним вопрос) Суть сюжета такова, что некий Джек, весь из себя такой лютый "пикапер" каждую неделю имеет новую подружку, незабывая все это документировать на камеру, и в последствии типа-якобы сливая все это на сайт. Для поддержания реалистичности все снимается в документальном стиле, и как правило самого Джека мы не видим (хотя на кой хер он нам сдался? ) Девахи в большинстве своем все довольно милы, так что есть на что в общем то глянуть Просматривать все видосы мне было в лом, по этому что там, и как развивается, и что вообще можно увидеть разбирайтесь уже сами. Check It Out!</span>

Тех.данные ко всем роликам одинаковые.
Видео: 1 472 Kbps, 640*480 (4:3), at 29.970 fps, VC-1 (WMV3) (MP@ML)
Аудио: 128 Kbps, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, WMA (Version 2)

Britt just looked so hot, sleeping in the nude like that, so I rolled her over and started easing my hard-on into her already-wet cooter. She just dozed off the whole time, and didn't even wake up when I jizzed on her!

Brittney's spending way too much time in the sun and not enough time on my cock. So I call her indoors to ram my boner deep into her still-warm pussy, just to show her who'd boss!

After a night of rough fucking, I caught Brittney sneaking off to the shower and followed her with my handycam. She can scrub all she likes, 'cuz I'm gonna dirty her up again!

Brittney loves champagne, and after guzzling down a couple of glasses, she pops my cork with an out-of-this-world blowjob. Talk about the best chaser you can find!

Dakoda boasts that she's a good multitasker, and demonstrated this when she took a phone call while sucking on my dick. She also chatted away while I was humping her!

So I'm hanging out with Dakoda near the seaside when she suddenly reaches for my cock. She's got a thing for outdoor sex, and here she gives me a mean blowjob right out in the open!

Dakota knows that she's got a smokin' body, and she uses my camera to show off her goods. Man, if this bitch weren't my girlfriend, I'd sell her ass to the highest bidder, pronto!

After a couple of smokes, Dakota treats me to her nice, warm snatch and lets me fuck her in every way I want to. Soon my balls are about to explode, and she catches my jizz on her lips!

Like I've said, Angie's quite the exhibitionist and tease, and she teased me a little too much that I had to haul her ass back into my pad so I could bang her to my cock's content!

Aside from smoking ciggies, Angie also loves smoking my meatstick! Here she tries out some BJ moves she's found on Google, and the bitch took me straight to heaven!

When Angie and I went out for coffee, she revealed that she loves showing off her bald pussy to unsuspecting strangers. Well, I'm no stranger, so I got to do more than just look at that twat!

Now Angelina may come across as a snob, but she instantly warmed up to me the moment we first met. Soon I was screwing her will all my energy, and she really drained the juice outta me!

Another thing that Lola enjoys is licking my dick after it's been sliding in and out of her cunt. Guess the slut loves the taste of her pussy, and who am I to complain?

I've discovered that Lola's pussy gets wet very easily, so I took advantage of the situation and banged her every chance I could get. She also cums fast, so that's a real cool bonus!

I wanted to try fucking Lola a la Poris Hilton, so I set my cam to night vision and had her slurp on my cock as I filmed her. What do you know, the whore looks great in any light!

Lola's got a perky personality with boobies to match! She's so goddamned cute, on our first date I couldn't help but take her back to a nearby motel and shag her brains out!

After a walk in the park, Marie suggests that we rush back home so she can suck and ride my dick again. I think I turned her into a pretty little fuck-monster, guys!

This bitch is so hot, I can't stop filming her! Check out her awesome body as she dresses up for another of our dates. Am sure the evening's gonna end with my jizz on her face!

Now Marie can't get enough of my cock. After picking up a snack at the corner deli, she heads back home to stuff my boner up her slippery cooch. Is she good or what?

When I whipped out my cock, Marie instantly grabbed it and started sucking away! I swear, she could've passed for a virgin but this little closet whore is an outstanding lay!

This is the first time I've met Marie, and she's so sweet and squeaky-clean, I almost feel guilty about wanting to fuck her. But I'm gonna screw her just the same, and she'll be my Numero Uno slut!

Kara's a badass driver but when it comes to sucking my cock, she's even better! Watch her munch on my meatwad and earn herself props for pulling my jizz outta my nuts!

When a chick is hungry she can faint if she doesn't get any food as soon as possible. But the only food that was around at that time was a fine high-calorie dick.

When the dick is ready for action Kara starts playing with it. First she rubs it slowly but soon she starts jerking it off and playing with it like never before.

This girl is beautiful you know you need to check her out.She has a firm tight body, nice perky tits and an ass you could definitely bounce a quarter off of.

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This is Leigh a naughty lesbo wanting a girl she will licked.Check out her videos and everyday she has different girlfriends.

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Hot young chick Kody has a nice little body and she likes to have horny guys watch her when she is having fun in front of a camera.

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