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Скачать [BikiniBanger.com / AllElitePass.com] (40) Pack / Охотники за Бикини [2010, Oral, Straight, Teen Sex, PickUp, Casting, Bikini] через torrent

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BikiniBanger.com (Охотники за Бикини)

Охваченный временной промежуток: 2010
Страна: США
Жанр: Oral, Straight, Teen Sex, PickUp, Casting, Bikini

Подсайт и сайт: BikiniBanger.com / AllElitePass.com
Тип ПАКа: В ПАКе от 15 до 50 роликов (Pack)
Количество роликов: 40 роликов
BikiniBanger.com is the utimate site for anyone who has ever fantasized about meeting a babe on the beach, taking her home and banging her sensless! Dave Pounder is storming the beaches nationwide to bring you exclusive footage of the sexiest bikini clad camel toes on the planet! Nobody's got a better collection.
Ну, на сегодня у нас очередная пикапка, очередных юнных, и наивных американских тинок, которых нещадно сдергивают загорающими с пляжа, и отвезя куда ни будь, сладко жахают. Check It Out!

Тех.данные ко всем роликам одинаковые:
Видео: 872 Kbps, 720*480 (1.500), at 29.970 fps, WMV2 (NTSC)
Аудио: 64.0 Kbps, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, WMA (Version 2)

ALICIA called us up in regards to our ad in the newspaper. We scheduled an appointment to interview her. Although she has a boyfriend, she was still willing to go above and beyond. And boy did she.

ALLIE Steel This HOT ass horny woman was hiding in the remote beaches where we happened to track her down by chance. Lucky for us, she was stranded, horny, and has a great ass! So......we banged her! Good too.

ANNIE contacted us to find out what the modeling thing was all about. She figured it all out when she saw that there was a bed in the audition room. She didn't care though. Did whatever she had to do to move up the ladder.

ASHLEY This young slut was spotted taking a tan on the beach. Were glad she turned out to be as horny as she was because she wanted to have every single hole plugged by the Pounder!! Not on to turn down an offer like that, we obliged !!

AVA We were hanging out at the pool at Cory's apartment complex waiting for the kid to show up, when we spotted Ava lying out. We ran the agent b.s. on her, then told her we couldn't go back to the studio. Once she offered her apartment, it was all over.

AVY The Bikini Banger scored with this one. She was a brand new 19-year-old aspiring model, and she would do ANYTHING to get a bikini modeling job!

Gen's morning suntan session is pleasantly interrupted by her boyfriend's monstercock. Watch her take a mondo mouthful of his creamy sperm after he humps her ass like a jockey!

ANGELICA We found this HOT ASS MILF walking down at the beach after a lazy stroll. Little did she know who she was about to run into. That's right boy's, BikiniBanger got a hold of her and made her beg for more!

BRIANA This HOT ass horny woman was hiding in the remote beaches where we happened to track her down by chance. Lucky for us, she was stranded, horny, and has a great ass! So......we banged her! Good too.

CHERRY is one hot little bikini model hopeful, but dumb as an ox. She fell for it hook line and sinker, and was fucking for the part in minutes. She handled it like a trooper and even got a steamy white load of goo on her face.

DANTE we found this one on the pier trying to get a job as a deck girl on the fishing boats. What she lacks in tits, she more than makes up for with that tight snatch!

DAPHNE Tyler and I went to the beach to catch some rays, when we spotted DAPHNE, lying there. There's girls tits were playing Jedi mind tricks on us. Looked like she was hiding two small midgets under that bikini.

DARIAN was one of those well maintained MILFs that took us up on our offer to shoot her for our "bikini magazine". Before she knew it I was shooting a hot load in her mouth! This mommy was a wildcat in the sack!

ERIKA is a milf on a mission... get as much dick as possible! And guess what... we deliver! I banged this froggy little mom senseless and she was still begging for more. She wanted to make the Ft. Lauderdale trip with us! Later!

GABRIELLA We spotted Gabriella while Tyler and I were hanging at the beach. We were gonna talk to her then, but we flaked out. But when we spotted her walking home, we knew the Bikini Banging Gods were sending us a message.

Watch Goldie have her perky rack splattered with hot cock-froth after she gets a tremendous porking, showing us that there are so many more uses for an old couch!

HILLARY Tyler spotted Hillary after we ate at some strip mall downtown. She was only 18. This was too easy. It was like taking candy from a baby. Who's your daddy!

JACQUELINE Finally, we find someone with some more experience, and it show's! We found this HOT MILF lounging at the beach just trying to relax.You know there's no relaxing on the puonder's clock, so we made her fuck our cock ! Yeeeah.

JASMINE I wasn't expecting to be relaxing in this way!! Ayy, I hope my family doesn't see this video because I really let loose with this guy. It wasn't really my fault though, he's so cute and charming....and a Big dick too!! =)

JAYCEE, Check out this Hottie. She had the tightest, smoothest, and juiciest body I've seen so far. This girl could really be a Bikini model!! Lucky for us, she loves being slutty and didn't waste any time getting down to business!

JEWELL We still can't believe we found this 18-year-old and very friendly brunette! She came into our office to audition, and she really liked Dave... which worked out really well for him, and you too, once you see her hot, wet XXX fucking video test shoot!

JULIANNA this cute little dirty blonde was more of a challenge than most of those beach bimbos we end up with. Gettin' her back to the room took nearly 2 hours but it was worth it!

KAMMY showed us just why those geisha girls are so desirable. After luring her back to the room she damned near demonstrated the entire Kamasutra! This little Asian delight rode my cock like a Japanese sport bike!

KATIE this little blondie had that "ghetto ass bitch" attitude and thought her pussy was made by Prada! I bent that snotty spoiled bitch over, rammed it in and soiled her doylie!

KELLY was so aggressive. This was too easy for me. It was like taking candy from a baby. She was more than eager to show us her body. I think she knew we were full of B.S., but who cares, because she sucked my dick anyways!

KYLIE, this dark nippled little brunette was another girl who loves cock and know how to get what she wants! Don't let her size fool you this girl can take on the role of both, cock commander and cum sponge!

LATINA has great tits, nips and lips...in both places. This nymphomaniac from South of the border was outta control! After she left we heard her with the maintenance man in the janitors closet!

LAUREN OH MY GOD!!!! This one was sent down from the heavens. Me and Tyler spotted this blonde hottie tanning at the pool while on vacation.

LUISSA I told Luissa that she could hang out at my house until Dylan came home. She was only in the states for a few days from Germany for some family get together. I casually mentioned being a bikini model, and one thing lead to another.

MADISON The Bikini Banger scored with this one. She was a brand new 19-year-old aspiring model, and she would do ANYTHING to get a bikini modeling job!

MICAH We keep getting luckier and luckier!! This time around we noticed this young HOT model looking type laying out on the beach. She has a smoking body and a tight little ass that we made good use of! Give us MOore !! =)

NICOLE I spotted Nicole on the beach and thought what the hell, why not give this spiel one more try. I was shocked when she was actually buying into it. I called up Amber right away, said get your camera and meet me at my house, because daddy has finally done it!

PAIGE What started as a boring day at the beach turned out to be very, very good! We were doing our usual bit, hanging out at the beach and this woman just walked right past us and I knew it was on. She's not quite a M.I.L.F and not a teen, she was perfect!

PEYTON This little shy bird was trying to hang out at the beach and stay unnoticed. Not with the Bikini Banger around! I brought her out of her shell and guess what guy's, she was a great undercover slut !

ROXY was the most aggressive Cuban since Tony Montana. See didn't even need a hotel room to show us how she scored a boat ride from Havana. She got on top and rode my cock like she was in the Kentucky derby!

SAMANTHA We informed Samantha that her tattoos might be a problem in the Bikini Modeling Biz. We told her that we would have to see what they looked like without any obstruction (like having clothes over them). She was game for anything.

SKYE We were stuck this week lounging around at out hotel because of the weather, but luckily we had all eye's open. We saw this hottie staying at the same location and decided we'd have some fun without the beach.You know what they say,"The SKYE's the limit!"

TAYLOR this blonde beach bimbo was one horny honey! After we got her back to the pad and some intense blow job action, she squatted on my cock and slammed into it so hard I though she would break my pelvis!

TRINITY We encountered this horny slut walking around and about. We couldn't pass the chance to try our luck and hit her up for a little one on one session. Man, did she loved to suck Dick!! Among other thing's as wekk!

VICKY, Those Malibu housewives are the nastiest sluts on the planet...they dress nice though. Vicky's producer husband was out of town so I took advantage by banging this big titted hottie all over the patio!

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