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Turquoise / 2001 / Turquoise
Жанр: Neo Prog (female vocal fronted)
Страна-производитель диска: Germany
Год издания: 2001
Издатель (лейбл): Ars Mundi
Номер по каталогу: AMS 027R
Страна: Germany
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 00:46:22
Источник (релизер):
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи:
1. Znak
2. Tęsknota
3. Dajemma
4. Odkrycie
5. Utrenja
6. To co w nas (Spełnienie)
7. A ja, a ty
8. Strach
9. Drzewa umierają stojąc
10. Weź ze soba mnie
Exact Audio Copy V0.99 prebeta 5 from 4. May 2009

Отчёт EAC об извлечении, выполненном 5. февраля 2011, 18:08

Turquoise / Turquoise

Дисковод: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200A Adapter: 1 ID: 0

Режим чтения : ДостоверностьИспользование точного потока : ДаОтключение кэша аудио : ДаИспользование указателей C2 : Нет

Коррекция смещения при чтении : 48Способность читать области Lead-in и Lead-out : НетЗаполнение пропущенных сэмплов тишиной : ДаУдаление блоков с тишиной в начале и конце : НетПри вычислениях CRC использовались нулевые сэмплы : ДаИнтерфейс : Встроенный Win32-интерфейс для Win NT/2000

Выходной формат : Внутренние WAV-операцииФормат сэмплов : 44.100 Гц; 16 бит; стерео

TOC извлечённого CD

Трек | Старт | Длительность | Начальный сектор | Конечный сектор --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 | 0:00.00 | 3:31.28 | 0 | 15852 2 | 3:31.28 | 3:50.45 | 15853 | 33147 3 | 7:21.73 | 5:30.31 | 33148 | 57928 4 | 12:52.29 | 3:09.53 | 57929 | 72156 5 | 16:02.07 | 2:42.04 | 72157 | 84310 6 | 18:44.11 | 5:13.38 | 84311 | 107823 7 | 23:57.49 | 5:22.18 | 107824 | 131991 8 | 29:19.67 | 7:17.55 | 131992 | 164821 9 | 36:37.47 | 1:21.58 | 164822 | 170954 10 | 37:59.30 | 8:22.42 | 170955 | 208646

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Трек 1 точное извлечение (доверие 1) [B8EAC060]Трек 2 точное извлечение (доверие 1) [3D4D8468]Трек 3 точное извлечение (доверие 1) [803CDD13]Трек 4 точное извлечение (доверие 1) [43546BBE]Трек 5 точное извлечение (доверие 1) [3A17883A]Трек 6 точное извлечение (доверие 1) [50223685]Трек 7 точное извлечение (доверие 1) [7BA18944]Трек 8 точное извлечение (доверие 1) [D8F24FE4]Трек 9 точное извлечение (доверие 1) [9904D33C]Трек 10 точное извлечение (доверие 1) [D81CBBF0]

Все треки извлечены точно

Конец отчёта
REM GENRE Neo-prog/PolandREM DATE 2001REM DISCID 840ADD0AREM COMMENT "ExactAudioCopy v0.99pb5"PERFORMER "Turquoise"TITLE "Turquoise"FILE "Turquoise - Turquoise.flac" WAVE TRACK 01 AUDIO TITLE "Znak" PERFORMER "Turquoise" FLAGS DCP INDEX 01 00:00:00 TRACK 02 AUDIO TITLE "Tesknota" PERFORMER "Turquoise" FLAGS DCP INDEX 00 03:29:28 INDEX 01 03:31:28 TRACK 03 AUDIO TITLE "Dajemma" PERFORMER "Turquoise" FLAGS DCP INDEX 00 07:19:73 INDEX 01 07:21:73 TRACK 04 AUDIO TITLE "Odkrycie" PERFORMER "Turquoise" FLAGS DCP INDEX 00 12:50:29 INDEX 01 12:52:29 TRACK 05 AUDIO TITLE "Utrenja" PERFORMER "Turquoise" FLAGS DCP INDEX 00 16:00:07 INDEX 01 16:02:07 TRACK 06 AUDIO TITLE "To co w nas (spelnienie)" PERFORMER "Turquoise" FLAGS DCP INDEX 00 18:42:11 INDEX 01 18:44:11 TRACK 07 AUDIO TITLE "A ja, a ty" PERFORMER "Turquoise" FLAGS DCP INDEX 00 23:55:49 INDEX 01 23:57:49 TRACK 08 AUDIO TITLE "Strach" PERFORMER "Turquoise" FLAGS DCP INDEX 00 29:17:67 INDEX 01 29:19:67 TRACK 09 AUDIO TITLE "Drzewa umieraja stojac" PERFORMER "Turquoise" FLAGS DCP INDEX 00 36:35:47 INDEX 01 36:37:47 TRACK 10 AUDIO TITLE "Wez ze soba mnie" PERFORMER "Turquoise" FLAGS DCP INDEX 00 37:57:30 INDEX 01 37:59:30



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ANALYZER: auCDtect: CD records authenticity detector, version 0.8.2Copyright (c) 2004 Oleg Berngardt. All rights reserved.Copyright (c) 2004 Alexander Djourik. All rights reserved.

FILE: Turquoise - Turquoise.flac Size: 324235444 Hash: F5B5AAF74BC7A07629E111B96DAF2B4A Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 6DEF1E3B5771C09A5533951C40444FE642A77D46
a.k.a: Żelazny-Zwonarz Project
"Turqoise is a five person progressive rock band from Poland who was brought to our editors' attention by the October edition of the Classic Rock Society magazine. With a sound not too distant from that of Poland's Quidam or Hungary's You And I the debut album from Turquoise is certain to appeal to fans of 70s style progressive rock. The second album develops from there with more dramatic guitar riffs, a blend of male and female vocals and richer orchestral keyboard arrangements. Our reviews of their albums follows below. A 2002 interview with the original lineup published within this article was lost during an ISP outage in early 2003. If the original transcript requested from the band is recovered, we will republish that interview here. The band's initial lineup (pictured in this article) is completed by Alexander Zelazny (guitar), Marek Sokуl (keyboards), Marcin Zwonarz (percussion) and Sebastian Klus (bass). Damian Kurasz contributes electric guitar as a guest to several of the album's numbers. The material is full of lush keyboards, soaring guitar excursions, rhythmic and melodic bass and crisp percussion. The debut album opens with the accessible "Znak," a tune that elaborates on the band's style with acoustic and electric guitar parts perfectly supported by keyboards while underscoring Katrzyna's sweet, evocative and crystalline vocal delivery. By the time of Po Drugiej Stronie (ARS Mundi (Germany) AMS 0333R, 2003) there were some changes in the Turquoise lineup. Vocals on are provided by Lilia Wojciechiwska, Agnieszka Dudek and Jacek Galant. Marcin Zonarz (percussion), Sebastian Klus (bass) and Alexander Zelazny (guitars) remain with the band. A variety of guest musicians also contributed to the release and include the former lead vocalist Katarzyna Jaiko amongst others."

P.S.По-ходу "насобирал", что коллектив РЕКОМЕНДОВАН любителям музыки Quidam, You And I, Karnataka, Mostly Autumn, Anamor, Satellite, Millenium, а также Renessans, IZZ и даже Yes - вот так вот :
Rating 3.28 from 19 ratings according to RYM
Rating 3.27 from 12 ratings according to PA

"The self-titled debut album by Turquoise (ARS Mundi (Germany) AMS 027R, 2001) is a cohesive project comprised of ten various length tracks, two of which would be classified as mini-epics. It will delight our listeners from first play. Production quality is superb with vocals mixed way above the instrumentals with near perfect imaging of the individual parts. All lyrics are sung in Polish. While there is no stated plan to release a version sung in English, the material sounds great in Katarzyna's native tongue similar to Emilia Derkowska's use of the language in Quidam's music. We were especially pleased with Alexander's treatment of the guitar solos. In "Znak" allusions of uillean pipes emerged and these sounds were echoed to some extent in "Tesknota" but the solos are more notable and pronounced. An extended moody--almost middle eastern--instroduction with elaborate acoustic guitar, vocal layers and powerful percussion precedes the progressive instrumental "Dajemma." The transformation of the band's sound coming into the main part of the number and through the various movements clearly demonstrates the virtuousity of the individual players as well as the entire band. We were especially impressed with the dueling electric guitar / keyboard solos and vast instrumental excursions within the piece. Unfortunately it lacks a precise closing riff and fades out instead. Layers of sweet vocals dominate the melody in "Odkrycie" a gentle progressive lullaby style ballad lushly arranged to demonstrate Turquoise's instrumental richness. An equally special electric guitar solo during the instrumental bridge will draw listeners' attention. A well played acoustic guitar, based upon traditional melodies from the region, sounding much like Blackmore's Night (review) dominates the gentle instrumental transition "Utrenja." The sound transitions well into "To Co W Nas (Spelnienie)" a gentle and progressive ballad graced with layers of Katarzyna's vocals supported by acoustic guitar arrangements while further instrumentals build with the energy of the tune. The short instrumental introduction "Drzewa Umieraja Stojac" precedes the final epic and stunning closing track of the album entitled "Wez Zed Zobamnie." Rich keyboard textures bring out the symphonic progressive sound of Turquoise in full splendour while Katarzyna's vocals soar above the arrangement. Lyrical and vocalise parts alternate as the song develops. Here one will hear Katarzyna across her range and at full power, evocatively delivering the message within the tune. Dueling electric guitars and crisp percussion are perfectly balanced by melodic keyboard during the instrumental bridge that precedes the thunder and rain. Melodious vocals and rich instrumentals return to conclude the number with Turquoise playing in full splendour. This must be a wonderful number to see performed in concert. Layers of Katarzyna's vocals dominate the arrangement with instrumentals clearly holding back providing just the necessary foundation to support the main melody. Electric guitar solos further illustrate Alexander's virtuoisity while Marek's keyboards deliver a soothing texture before the piece gives way to the ultimate acoustic guitar conclusion."

"...There is nothing I can tell you about the group and their musicians. The booklet with beautiful artwork includes all lyrics, which are sung in Polish, and shows pictures of five very young musicians. Four boys and a girl named Katarzyna Jajko who is together with R. Polak responsible for the lyrics. All music is from guitarist Alexander Zelazny and drummer Marcin Zwonarz. But Katarzyna is the little gem of this band, she sings like an angel. The album opens with "Znak" (3:31) a short but beautiful track with a catchy vocal refrain. The mix is crystal clear and Katarzyna shows her beautiful and pure voice. The overall sound of the band and in particular the voice of Katarzyna reminds me of the also Polish band Quidam. Maybe it is because of the Polish language, but Katarzyna Jajko voice shows great resemblance to the voice of Quidam singer Emila Derkowska. Next track "Tesknota" (3:50) is in the same vein as the opener. Like most tracks of this CD, the music of Turquoise exists out of beautiful melodies with the voice of Katarzyna on top of it. In this piece we find also some nice melodic guitar solos of guest Damian Kurasz. "Dajemma" (5:30) is except for the vocal intro without words, completely instrumental and has an Arabic atmosphere. This atmosphere has been created with the guitars and the vocal intro of the beginning. But in this track the band shows us their full potential and there are some delicious guitar and keyboard solos. The composition "Odkrycíe" (3:09) is again build around the voice of Katarzyna Jajko. "Utrenja" (2:42) is a beautiful bridge with acoustic guitars and has a classical and medieval atmosphere. The track seamless flows into "To co w nas (spelníeníe)" (5:13). A slow melody around the vocals and the medieval sounding acoustic guitars are returning once more. "A ja, a ty" (5:22) has also an intro with acoustic guitar but as in "Dajemma" this track has more power and is one of the more symphonic pieces with nice keyboard solos and heavy electric guitar work. Next is "Strach" (7:17) which has an atmospheric keyboard opening. This is one of the highlights of the album because the composition has a lot of variation. Not only beautiful vocals and acoustic guitars but also keyboard strings. There is a kind of tension in this piece. This is followed by a short atmospheric piece "Drzewa umíeraja stojac" (1:21) which is a kind of bridge to the last and longest track of the album called "Wez ze soba mnie" (8:22). This is again a slow composition with some nice melodies and nice electric guitar work."
Douwe Fledderus for progvisions.nl
May 2002
Katarzyna Jajko - wocal
Alexander Żelazny - gitary
Marek Sokół - instrumenty klawiszowe
Sebastian Klus - gitara basowa
Marcin Zwonarz - perkusyjne

Domian Kurasz - gitara elektryczna (2,4,6)

Трекер:  [ 10-Дек-2012 06:33 ]


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