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Bob Mosley - 3 albums

Жанр: Classic Rock | Country Rock
Страна: USA
Год издания: 1972-2005
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 02:06:07

01. The Joker [00:03:41]
02. Gypsy Wedding [00:03:41]
03. 1245 Kearny [00:03:15]
04. Squaw Valley Nils (Hocked Soul) [00:03:10]
05. Let the Music Play [00:03:36]
06. Thanks [00:03:17]
07. Where Do the Birds Go [00:03:37]
08. Hand In Hand [00:03:03]
09. Gone Fishin' [00:03:22]
10. Nothing to Do [00:02:22]
11. So Many Troubles [00:04:04]

01. There Is the Sun [00:03:12]
02. Dead or Alive [00:03:23]
03. Never Dreamed [00:05:14]
04. Willy Shakespeare Blues [00:04:31]
05. Shoot the Xylophone Man [00:02:32]
06. Put It Off Until Tomorrow [00:03:30]
07. Louisiana Mama [00:02:44]
08. Question [00:03:00]
09. Leavin' Through the Back Door [00:03:24]
10. Willy Shakespeare Blues (alternate take) [00:04:30]
11. Never Dreamed (alternate mix) [00:05:22]

01. Can't Keep A Good Man Down [00:04:58]
02. Come Back Woman [00:04:02]
03. Just Like A Fool [00:04:24]
04. Wineo [00:03:31]
05. Never [00:04:55]
06. Sad and Blue [00:03:12]
07. Rainbows End (Used to be my Friend) [00:03:35]
08. To the Sea [00:04:37]
09. As Far As It Goes [00:03:17]
10. Poor Man [00:04:15]
11. Dusty Old Road [00:02:41]
12. Lazy Me [00:03:52]
[i][b]Singer/songwriter and bassist James Robert Mosley was born December 4, 1942, in Paradise Valley, CA, and spent his teens playing in a number of garage combos, including the Misfits, the Strangers, and the Frantics. The Frantics eventually morphed into Moby Grape, and with a lineup of Bob Mosley, Peter Lewis, Skip Spence, Don Stevenson, and Jerry Miller, the band recorded the brilliant but ill-fated Moby Grape album, released by Columbia in 1967.

Moby Grape has reunited in different configurations (and under a variety of names) several times for shows and other projects over the years, sometimes with Mosley and sometimes without him. A soulful singer whose songs deftly bridged the gap between country and blues, Mosley contributed "Mr. Blues," "Bitter Wind," "Rose Colored Eyes," "Trucking Man," "Hoochie," "Lazy Me," "Come in the Morning," and other solid songs to the Grape canon in the early years.

By the mid-'90s he was homeless, sleeping under a freeway overpass in San Diego. Other members of Moby Grape have attempted at various times to help Mosley, and he still occasionally surfaces to play a show, but he appears to prefer life on the street, either by design or as a result of his illness. An album he recorded in the 1970s with members of Buddy Holly's band, the Crickets, was released as Never Dreamed in 1999 by the German label Taxim Records.</span></span>

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