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Galahad - Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria

Жанр: Neo Prog
Страна-производитель диска: UK
Год издания: 2012
Издатель (лейбл): Avalon Records
Номер по каталогу: GHCD11
Страна: UK
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 55:52
Источник (релизер): Мой рип оригинального CD
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
1. Salvation I - Overture
2. Salvation II - Judgement Day
3. Guardian Angel
4. Secret Kingdoms...
5. ... And Secret Worlds
6. Waves
7. Guardian Angel - Reprise
8. Richelieu's Prayer 2012
Exact Audio Copy V1.0 beta 3 from 29. August 2011

Отчёт EAC об извлечении, выполненном 28. декабря 2012, 22:14

Galahad / Beyond the Realms of Euphoria

Дисковод: HL-DT-STDVDRAM GSA-H42L Adapter: 0 ID: 0

Режим чтения : ДостоверностьИспользование точного потока : ДаОтключение кэша аудио : ДаИспользование указателей C2 : Нет

Коррекция смещения при чтении : 667Способность читать области Lead-in и Lead-out : НетЗаполнение пропущенных сэмплов тишиной : ДаУдаление блоков с тишиной в начале и конце : НетПри вычислениях CRC использовались нулевые сэмплы : ДаИнтерфейс : Встроенный Win32-интерфейс для Win NT/2000

Выходной формат : Пользовательский кодировщикВыбранный битрейт : 896 kBit/sКачество : ВысокийДобавление ID3-тега : НетУтилита сжатия : C:\Program Files\Exact Audio Copy\Flac\flac.exeДополнительные параметры : -V -8 -T "Date=%year%" -T "Genre=%genre%" %source%

TOC извлечённого CD

Трек | Старт | Длительность | Начальный сектор | Конечный сектор --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 | 0:00.00 | 4:11.46 | 0 | 18870 2 | 4:11.46 | 6:08.39 | 18871 | 46509 3 | 10:20.10 | 10:31.62 | 46510 | 93896 4 | 20:51.72 | 5:31.09 | 93897 | 118730 5 | 26:23.06 | 7:26.43 | 118731 | 152223 6 | 33:49.49 | 7:14.01 | 152224 | 184774 7 | 41:03.50 | 6:08.47 | 184775 | 212421 8 | 47:12.22 | 8:40.06 | 212422 | 251427

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Выбранный диапазон

Имя файла D:\AND\CD Images\New\Galahad - 2012 - Beyond the Realms of Euphoria [Flac]\Galahad - Beyond the Realms of Euphoria.wav

Пиковый уровень 96.6 % Скорость извлечения 7.1 X Качество диапазона 100.0 % CRC теста 0C5C34C3 CRC копии 0C5C34C3 Копирование... OK

Ошибок не произошло

AccurateRip: сводка

Трек 1 : извлечено точно (доверие 2) [3894EB69] (AR v2)Трек 2 : извлечено точно (доверие 2) [FACDB116] (AR v2)Трек 3 : извлечено точно (доверие 2) [DE080937] (AR v2)Трек 4 : извлечено точно (доверие 2) [6695D3A2] (AR v2)Трек 5 : извлечено точно (доверие 2) [2D60CC58] (AR v2)Трек 6 : извлечено точно (доверие 2) [D947A29F] (AR v2)Трек 7 : извлечено точно (доверие 2) [A2D18DA7] (AR v2)Трек 8 : извлечено точно (доверие 2) [4172383D] (AR v2)

Все треки извлечены точно

Конец отчёта

==== Контрольная сумма отчёта 0BFDBEE6025159F997ABCD7E17BBDD16B79BCA3F607C0FB2DFF94671A598E0D1 ====
REM GENRE "Progressive Rock"REM DATE 2012REM DISCID 5C0D1808REM COMMENT "ExactAudioCopy v1.0b3"PERFORMER "Galahad"TITLE "Beyond the Realms of Euphoria"FILE "Galahad - Beyond the Realms of Euphoria.flac" WAVE TRACK 01 AUDIO TITLE "Salvation I - Overture" PERFORMER "Galahad" INDEX 01 00:00:00 TRACK 02 AUDIO TITLE "Salvation II - Judgement Day" PERFORMER "Galahad" INDEX 01 04:11:46 TRACK 03 AUDIO TITLE "Guardian Angel" PERFORMER "Galahad" INDEX 01 10:20:10 TRACK 04 AUDIO TITLE "Secret Kingdoms..." PERFORMER "Galahad" INDEX 01 20:51:72 TRACK 05 AUDIO TITLE "... And Secret Worlds" PERFORMER "Galahad" INDEX 01 26:23:06 TRACK 06 AUDIO TITLE "All in the Name of Progress" PERFORMER "Galahad" INDEX 01 33:49:49 TRACK 07 AUDIO TITLE "Guardian Angel - Reprise" PERFORMER "Galahad" INDEX 01 41:03:50 TRACK 08 AUDIO TITLE "Richelieu's Prayer 2012" PERFORMER "Galahad" INDEX 01 47:12:22
Что тут говорить, слушать надо. Один из лучших альбомов 2012 года.
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4.19 | 96 ratings | 6 reviews | 33% 5 stars
Excellent addition to any prog rock music collection

If there is a better example of "progression' within one bands career, Galahad surely would qualify as a banner icon of unending upward spiraling inspiration. They started out as a typical neo-prog act well within the tight Pallas-IQ-Pendragon parameters, though curiously showing an early slant of diversity by publishing the acoustic quartet "Not All There" album which wallowed nicely in almost medieval climes. Recent harder-edged albums such as Year Zero, Empires Never Last and Battle Scars have emphasized a rockier approach but truth is that all along Dean Baker's spacy, almost technoid keyboards have been leading the musical charge and nowhere is this more evident than in 2012 where the band has followed up the raucous Battle Scars with this little gem, a musical spotlight now clearly on Baker's fluid electronics. The result is startling, with lead voice Stu Nicholson in the finest form and the lads are cooking in spirited fashion.
"Salvation" starts out as with all Galahad albums with a bright overture, here less symphonic but more electronic than ever and segues nicely into "Salvation Judgment Day", where Nicholson provides his trademark passionate delivery. Guitarist Roy Keyworth, sadly departed bassist Neil Pepper (RIP) and Spencer Luckman on drums literally sizzle with utter inspiration, completely entranced by Baker's swirly ivory work, a cross between Tim Blake, Tangerine Dream and some of the more talented techno wizards, with loads of choir mellotron colorations to add symphonic enhancement. The music is riveting and powerful, not afraid of stretching the arrangements such as on the splendid 10 minute + "Guardian Angel", a basic Neo-prog ballad given some solid rocket boosting and vivid sonics, with brash riffs thumping the airwaves, sudden sympho swirls and bruising rhythmic pulse. Modern applications abound, such as the well placed vocoder sections (I am generally not a big fan of this artifice but here it works discreetly well) and whistling synth passages. "Secret Kingdoms" is bloody heavy, a bulldozing monster riff that veers nearly into metalloid territory, Keyworth thrashing accurately within the pummeling beat and Luckman slamming hard and fast. Unexpected piano provides only the slightest levity as Stu keeps telling his story with undeniable zeal, especially the gloomy quiet section that would make Peter Nichols fans blush with envy. The tune segues suddenly into the mostly instrumental "? And Secret Worlds" which illustrates the new direction Galahad has taken again, surprising completely with a gorgeous acoustic piano-led performance that is achingly effective, almost classic Queen-like with Stuart's "oohing and aahing" to great effect. Fans of Mercury- May and co. will respond very nicely to this piece as well as to all the material presented here. As if to help me illustrate my comments even better, the next track is called "All in the Name of Progress" and blasts out a whoppingly immediate mood that winks at recent brash tracks from Empires Never Last and Battle Scars, with Stu spitting his brilliant venom once again, (man, what a great vocalist this dude is?), the leaden riffs fizzle like molten phosphorous and the mind sways accordingly. Roy lets off a searing solo to clash with the wistful electronics and the gentle vocal mid-section. Hard riff blasts and choir mellotron like to engage in sonic sex once again with an orgasmic growl to finish off.

A return of the drop-dead lovely "Guardian Angel" only confirms the immense talent and progressive vision expressed by the boys, utterly balancing the listening pleasure with architecturally sound peaks and expertly placed valleys. The track is melodic, melancholic and grandiose prog of the finest caliber.

The band has continued on its policy of reviving past epic glories , on Battle Scars they proposed a solid and successful reworking of "Sleepers", here they have decided to resuscitate their early classic "Richelieu's Prayer", a piece I have not been familiar with (only through its legendary status). It holds obviously a special place in the band's heart, a classic Marillionesque piece full of charming simplicity, whimsical Englishness that is truly evident, ornate guitar and fluid piano and an explosion of sound that would make Fish shudder with pride. This is a like a flashback to one's evolution and I commend this kind of "reminiscence" as it puts their current music into even more immediate perspective. A sterling move from musicians who are finally comfortable with their career path.

A towering success, by far Galahad's finest achievement yet and comes highly recommended to fans of harder edged prog , especially those who lament the memory of Queen, as this is pretty energetic and operatic stuff indeed. Galahad has arrived for good as one of the genre's absolute masters.

Review by tszirmay
SPECIAL COLLABORATOR Symphonic Prog Specialist

- Stuart Nicholson / vocals
- Roy Keyworth / guitars
- Spencer Luckman / drums
- Neil Pepper / bass
- Dean Baker / keyboards

Трекер:  [ 01-Янв-2013 11:16 ]


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