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[b]Sabbath Assembly / 2012 / Ye Are Gods (web-release)[/b]

Жанр: Psychedelic Rock/Christian Rock
Год издания: 2012
Страна: USA
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 00:39:32
Источник (релизер): bandcamp
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи:
01. Let Us All Give Praise and Validation
02. We Come From the One
03. Bless Our Lord and Master
04. We Give Our Lives
05. Exit
06. Christ You Bring the End
07. And the Clarion Calls
08. In the Time of Abaddon II
09. Transcendence
10. For the Love of the Gods



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FILE: 10 - The Love of the Gods.flac Size: 41743363 Hash: 482D2B6B9D4FCE25E961D604E6B378B4 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 9068A6E77FBA2939CBA18F7EFB5B330519EE1852FILE: 09 - Transcendence.flac Size: 7055035 Hash: 00F2F40F09A0F6DA0D8102B71D827FB5 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 6E69BB0C2AEEAAE4697FDD12F384F7109A7CC623FILE: 08 - In the Time of Abaddon II.flac Size: 21300263 Hash: 3879AAA2EB865B68F0762E58D428DAF8 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 5C0A92678C715FDA4606719E682E6208DD5601E8FILE: 07 - And the Clarion Calls.flac Size: 34534068 Hash: 7ED581C975DEE782C04A361045608374 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 49153878B07C44775CABB368978D70989BC95918FILE: 06 - Christ, You Bring the End.flac Size: 23656404 Hash: 0A856E7A7D40BD32419CECFABDCF0512 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: BACA38D00E4D22CBDB637D9DF1A7AC829EB2F3BCFILE: 05 - Exit.flac Size: 38063316 Hash: B20663151597A4F74ED4DA47C7C19B84 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 87AC671F9886676689547DEBF28558C3598F7BDBFILE: 04 - We Give Our Lives.flac Size: 20619130 Hash: 8AD835B9E720D947C319662848956688 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 479E909EAB8A5D164E70F482F9C0F982FE61F896FILE: 03 - Bless Our Lord and Master.flac Size: 24657232 Hash: F745D257E3836888779BD944FC2354A0 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 926E85DDBC7F29DD936EBDB772984D549CD5BB59FILE: 02 - We Come From the One.flac Size: 34224335 Hash: 1A389C250054A3B22DC906E10D0DD88F Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: D8953CBD74F8476E5DA450116772F0E3196CCA00FILE: 01 - Let Us All Give Praise and Validation.flac Size: 16518042 Hash: 774888C5053D401B0FF4FA65D910DF4F Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 25CA8CD11218D1E8407B32AFCC430418DE387AF4
Rating 3.22 from 56 ratings according to RYM

"...This is Sabbath Assembly's second recorded outing, and one that comes as a bit of a surprise to anyone who paid attention to their first release and the ensuing spate of live shows and festival appearances that followed. At first, it seemed as though Restored to One would be marked down in the book of rock history as a one-off project, albeit one of its more intriguing entries. Even founder and helmsman David Nuss seemed unsure about the band's future in inteviews, but as it's become apparent, there's plenty more source material to mine and corners of the world to invade with song and strangeness. "Ye Are Gods" features a new singer, Jamie Myers (Hammers of Misfortune, Wolves in the Throne Room) whose breathy, saccharine vocals replace Jex Thoth's more throaty delivery. The primary focus of the album is its message, conveyed through lyrics and proclamations, so Myers' voice is front and center. The musical accompaniment meanders through genres and decades, taking a hit of 60s psychedelia here, gently ripping off Coven there, raising up to gospel heights and cruising back down into poppier territory. Oddball neofolk acts like Nest, Lasher Keen, and the Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud seem to serve as an inadvertent influence, and while groovy classic rock forms the bedrock, Nuss and guitarist Imaad Wasif play around with all manner of tones and sounds to achieve that eerily mellow vibe. "Exit" opens with a moody organ overture before going full-on Pink Floydian stomp, while "We Come From the One" is all creepy bongos and ominous spoken word. "Bless Our Lord and Master" starts off with tinny chimes and a warm-voiced chorus, then builds into unexpected bombast before fading out into the delicate, thrumming folk of "We Give Our Lives". "Christ You Bring the End" is a nearly acoustic ode to the bringer of doom, and the mass keeps going-- but you're still on the edge of your seat instead of asleep on your pious grandma's shoulder. The penultimate track, "Transcendence", is a spoken word piece narrated by an original Process Church member Timothy Wyllie, who quotes from the book Gods of War by Process Church founder Robert DeGrimston. The words themselves are unsettling and end on a low, dry note. Sabbath Assembly clearly chose to close the ceremony in this fashion in order to throw one last spotlight onto their purpose and source material. The message is everything, and on Ye Are Gods, its messengers have once more done a fine job doing God's-- and the Devil's-- work."
Jamie Myers - voice
Dave Nuss - drums

Genesis P-Orridge - voice
Daniel Shuman - bass, guitar, voice
Richard Bennett - guitar, organ, voice
Georgia Haege - voice
Imaad Wasif - guitar/voice
Eyvind Kang - viola
Kevin Hufnagel - guitar
Dave DeMotta - piano, organ
Dan Hockstein - bass
Kevin Rutmanis - bass

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