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Jeff Kollman discography (6 studio albums + 1 live album)(ex. Cosmosquad, ex. Glenn Hughes, ex. Edwin Dare, ex. John West)
Страна: USA
Жанр: Fusion, Hard Rock, Progressive
Формат: MP3
Сайт: http://jeffkollman.com/

Великолепный гитарист, талантливейший музыкант, виртуозно владеющий инструментом и одинаково гениально исполняющий музыку всех стилей и направлений. Его альбомы обязательно должны услышать все ценители гитарной и просто хорошей музыки

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01. Over The Edge
02. The Mystery
03. What A Relief
04. Birdweed's Treat
05. Phases of Emotion
06. Schizoid
07. Broken Bonz
08. Remember The Alamo
09. The Moment
10. Detroit Monster Blues
11. Supersonic Suzy
12. The Darker Side of Life

Recorded in the fall of 1989, Schizoid was Ohio guitarist Jeff Kollman's debut solo outing, finding the axeman delving into a number of instrumental styles and fusions, including hard rock, blues, shred, jazz and acoustic. Featuring the drum work of Tom Kollman, the CD offers cuts such as "Over The Edge" (originally written for the ESPN show "Sports On The Edge"), "What A Relief" (which shows off the jazz-influenced side of Kollman's writing), "Detroit Monster Blues" (which displays a strong Uli Roth influence), "Remember The Alamo" (with its 'Southwest' sound), "The Darker Side Of Life" (a dissonant tune with a drop-C tuning) and the blistering title track (with its non-stop lead work, for guitarists everywhere). Schizoid is another CD of essential listening for instrumental die-hards and lovers of great guitar music.
01. Hommage To Orf
02. Battle Scars
03. Into The Unknown
04. Vealkut
05. Dreamin In Lydian
06. Sole Searching
07. Playa De Guitar
08. Memories Of Jenkins
09. A Thousand Faces
10. The Test Continues
11. Turnaround
12. Lesters Shuffle
13. Neo 80's Mumbo...
14. Feel The Changes

Into The Unknown features fourteen awesome cuts of instrumental hard rock, shred and fusion axework that spotlights Jeff Kollman's talent like no other recorded work to date. Fist-pumpers such as "The Test Continues" and "Battle Scars" alternate with extended preludes such as "Homage To Orf" and the title track, as Kollman serves notice that he is a fiery player to be reckoned with. The CD also features touches of classical and jazz in spots. Kollman is a very versatile guitarist with a powerful sound and style and he manages to strike just the right balance between chops and songwriting. Into The Unknown also includes the heavyweight rhythm section of Kevin Chown on bass and brother Tommy Kollman on drums.
01. Shedding Skin
02. Fat, Mean, and Nasty
03. Blues For Pop
04. Journey Through Life
05. The Subconscience
06. Sheer Drama
07. The X Factor
08. Intimate Portrait
09. The Color For Love
10. My Soul Deep Inside
11. Redeye Romp
12. Where's The One?
13. My Guitar Gently Screams

Shedding Skin is the latest all instrumental record from the brilliant Jeff Kollman, and is a followup to his previous releases Schizoid and"Into The Unknown. The disc features powerful, hard edged, dark and moody compositions with a variety of songwriting styles and plenty of chops for the players out there. Drummer Shane Gaalaas (Vinnie Moore, Uli Jon Roth, MSG) is featured quite extensively, showcasing some of his most tasteful and vicious drumwork to date. Additional musical talent includes bassists Kevin Chown (Original Moon, Artension, Edwin Dare), Ray Riendeau (Gary Hoey, Rob Halford, Machines of Loving Grace), Barry Sparks (MSG, Yngwie Malmsteen , Cosmosquad), and keyboardists Roger Burn (Brian Setzer, L.A. session cat) and Dale Grisa (Original Moon, Cosmosquad). Shedding Skin is truly a dynamic rock/fusion record, heavy on the guitar, with the expected Kollman touch.
01. Never Gonna Get I t
02. By Myself
03. Stupid Little Girl
04. Cant Let You Go
05. Tearing
06. Crowd Of None
07. God Save Me
08. You Lied
09. Luv Song
10. Whisper My Fate

JKB is a hard rock project featuring Jeff Kollman on guitar and vocals, Charlie Waymire on drums and Kevin Chown on bass. Their CD is entitled JKB Bleeding The Soul, a heavy and dark collection of tracks which rock hard and deliver the goods. Chown's booming bass and Waymire's drum throb (along with guest Shane Gaalaas) keep the edges hard, while Kollman forgos screaming solos for an assertive guitar sound reflecting the material - alternating between explosive and intense, sinuous and inimitable, and hot-wired and creatively dissonant. Warning - contains explicit lyrics.
01. Epapo Funk
02. Shedding Skin
03. 3 AM
04. Clap Hands
05. Jerusalem
06. Creepy Spider Part II
07. Out 'O Tune Bruez
08. Fool For Your Stockings
09. Jam For Jason
10. By Myself
11. Slowburn
12. Creepy Spider

Guest include: Shane Gaalaas, Paul Shihadeh, Kevin Chown, Christopher Maloney, Ed Roth, and Lao Tizer.
01. Tight Like A Fist [5:23]
02. Shinedown [7:21]
03. Midnight Sun [5:57]
04. Swim In The Madness [3:03]
05. Captivity [4:55]
06. I Wonder [5:30]
07. Circle Of Doom [6:10]
08. Time To Die [4:13]
09. Devastate [3:23]
10. The Day Of Reckoning [1:46]

Jeff Kollman - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Production, Additional Mixing
Jono Brown - Drums, Production, Mixing
Kevin Chown - Bass on "Time To Die"
Charlie Waymire - Drums on "Time To Die"
Shane Gaalaas - Drums on "Devastate", Additional Mixing
Joel Taylor - Drums on "Swim In The Madness"
Chris Smith - Organ on "Midnight Sun"
01. Cosmo Ray Vaughn [5:29]
02. West Coast Swagger [5:08]
03. One Last Remark (Improvisation) [1:36]
04. Silence In The Corridor (Tribute To Gary Moore) [6:30]
05. Steer Clear Of The Border Town [4:40]
06. Song For James (R.I.P. James Murray) [5:54]
07. The New Nightmare [6:06]
08. Afgan Headtrip [3:29]
09. Time And The Inevitable [4:59]
10. A Day Of Mourning [5:46]
11. Unforgettable (Dedicated To Helen Kollman) [3:18]

Jeff Kollman - Guitars, Bass
Ric Fierabracci - Bass
Jimmy Johnson - Bass
Rufus Philpot - Bass
Kevin Chown - Bass
Lao Tizer - Piano
Ed Roth - Keyboards
Raul Pineda - Percussion
Shane Gaalaas - Drums
Adam Gust - Drums
Joel Taylor - Drums

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