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The Watch + SoulenginE / Дискография (9 альбомов)

Жанр: Neo Progressive
Страна: Italy
Год издания: 2001-2012
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 07:21:37
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да
1. DNAlien (8:36)
2. The Ghost and the Teenager (8:38)
3. Heroes (9:27)
4. Moving Red (6:34)
5. Riding the Elephant (3:38)
6. ...and the Winner is... (10:11)
1. Hills
2. Damage Mode
3. Wonderland
4. Shining Bald Heads
5. Out Of The Land
6. Goddess
7. Deeper Still
8. The Vacuum
9. The Vacuum (part 2)
1. Sound of Sirens (8:00)
2. The Border (4:15)
3. Two Paces to the Rear (9:08)
4. When I was a Tree (6:00)
5. Another Life (6:10)
6. Berlin, 1936 (8:55)
7. Soaring On (4:37)
1. Welcome to your Life (6:11)
2. Something Wrong (7:41)
3. Earth (5:52)
4. All the Lights in Town (8:15)
5. The World Inside (5:58)
6. New Normal (3:41)
7. Tourist Trap (7:23)
1. The Watch (1:47)
2. Thunder has Spoken (4:48)
3. One day (4:09)
4. In the Wilderness (4:05)
5. Soaring On (4:23)
6. Let us now Make Love (4:39)
7. Scene of the Crime (5:13)
8. End of the Road (6:21)
9. Exit (0:57)
10. Stagnation (8:34)
1. Sound of Sirens (8:57)
2. Shining Bald Heads (7:07)
3. The Fisherman (5:52)
4. Goddess (6:04)
5. Riding the Elephant (4:59)
6. Twilight Alehouse/Another life (8:13)
7. Berlin, 1936 (9:29)
01. Watcher Of The Skies
02. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
03. I Know What I Like
04. Firth Of Fifth
05. Sound Of Sirens-Another Life
06. The Battle of Epping Forest
07. The Musical Box
1. Shining Bald Heads (7:00)
2. Heroes (8:06)
3. Goddess (6:11)
4. Ivory (5:23)
5. DNAlien (5:14)
6. The Vacuum (9:34)
7. Doctor Mystere (unreleased) (4:22)
1. Polheim (7:35)
2. Third in Line (5:18)
3. Rain Flower (6:11)
4. On the Other Side (5:06)
5. Down the Street (5:13)
6. No Way Out (3:01)
7. No Rewarding (6:48)
8. Asleep (4:40)
9. Challenge to an End (10:08)
Simone ROSSETTI, the charismatic front man of The NIGHT WATCH, continues his impressive work in the new band The WATCH, but he's the only connection between the two bands. The NIGHT WATCH also was featured with one song on "The Reading Room" (2000) album and than they quit. Simone is an great vocalist/flautist and his voice is very similar to Peter GABRIEL and so the sound on the new album is again like early GENESIS. There are some reminiscences to MARILLION, SPOCK'S BEARD and ÄNGLAGARD too.

The WATCH's debut album "Ghost" sounds so much like GENESIS. The music is very similar to Peter GABRIEL-era GENESIS with lots of magnificient bombastic Mellotron. Folks, this is a total job that sounds like outtakes between "Nursery Crime" and "Selling England By The Pound". This is "the best album GENESIS never made"! Now we can add another classic to the list. A band to Watch out for!

The project band SoulenginE was born in 2007, when guitarist Ettore Salati and keyboard player Fabio Mancini got in touch with bass player Nando de Luca and drummer Giacomo Pacini. In a first time, they recorded a tune called "Rain Flower" for an italian cd-compilation, and it seemed that the four guys had worked together only for this purpose... but it wasn't!
Ettore and Fabio had played for about 7 years in the band "The Watch", and they shared many important experiences, like the "Vacuum Tour" which brought them to play live all over the world and in international progressive festivals, and recording the albums "Vacuum", "Live Bootleg" and "Primitive". When Ettore left the band in 2007, asked Fabio to work together on four-hands original compositions.
The two guys had so many original songs in their minds that immediately wanted to let a real band been born. The first aim was to merge all the influences they had, which crossed the borders from seventies' progressive rock to Classic neo progressive

SoulenginE - http://www.soulengine.it/documents/theband.html

The Watch - http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Watch/126931518343
Line-up / Musicians

- Simone Rossetti / vocals
- Giorgio Gabriel / guitars
- Guglielmo Mariotti / bass
- Valerio De Vittorio / keyboards
- Marco Fabbri / drums
- John Hackett / flute

SoulenginE :

Ettore Salati electric, acoustic, 12-string , double-neck guitars, bass pedals
Fabio Mancini piano, hammond, moog, mellotron, synths
Nando de Luca bass, acoustic guitars
Giacomo Pacini drums, percussions

Guest musicians:
Joe Sal vocals on "Down The Street" and "Asleep"
Davide Gandino flute on "Asleep" and "Challenge To An End"

Drums recorded at Vicos Studio, Milan, by Raff Pellino
Guitars and bass recorded at Highway Studio, Milan, by Mike Campanella
Keyboards recorded at Palombino Studio, Milan, by Mike Campanella
Vocals recorded at Block Studio, Milan, by Cristiano Cesario
Mixed at TurboStudio, Milan, by Michele Campanella
Mastered at OMD Studio, Milan, by Simon Stucchi
Photos by Chiara Babini
Artwork by Davide Guidoni
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