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Скачать [DragginLadies.com] Draggin Ladies - Smoking fetish / Леди, курящие в затяжку (32 ролика) [2007-2010 г., Smoking Fetish, All Sex, Toy, Oral] ЧАСТЬ 3 через torrent

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Ролики с сайта DragginLadies.com

Подсайт и сайт: DragginLadies.com
Год производства: 2007-2010
Жанр: Smoking Fetish, All Sex, Lesbo, Oral
Кол-во роликов: 32 (ТРЕТЬЯ ЧАСТЬ)
Welcome all, to Dragginladies.com. This site showcases our take on women smoking or what we call Smoking Fetish, the titillation obtained in the viewing of beautiful women smoking (in this case mostly long luxurious all white cigarettes).

It is greatly appreciated that so many of you continue to support this site! We still feel very confident that our site has more than what it takes to fill such a long awaited void in the smoking fetish world. Remember, there's always something new around every corner of this site yet it all falls within our own Dragginladies styling. We still continue to try to improve and to not formulate it.

Thanks guys... and gals!,
J. Vincent


Did you ever find yourself watching girls smoking cigarettes across a bar (when you could still smoke in a bar), captivated every time she'd take a deep inhale, amazed when she'd blow out a thick stream of smoke? If so, chances are you are have the smoking fetish.

In a time when the prevailing culture seems to favor those that want to quit smoking, a growing number of smoking fetish addicts are discovering that the only place they can go to watch girls smoking taking French inhales, deep drags with nostril exhales, multiple drags, open mouth dangles and snaps is on the web. That's where we come in.

Whether you like to watching girls smoking , lighting a cigarette and blowing smoke rings or you get off on watching smoky blow jobs, we have a Dragginlady for you. Now, during the time that Dragginladies has been online, we've received numerous requests for everything including corks smokers, girls smoking cigars, chicks chewing tobacco and girls smoking hookahs. We've even heard from guys who get off on babes smoking pot and girls smoking with their pussies. While we respect all of these smoking fetish related requests, we've stuck to what we specialize in, which is: girls smoking long luxurious all white cigarettes. We invite you to enjoy our still unrivaled collection.

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