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Sound Ideas - The Network SFX CD091-CD100 (WAV)

Разработчик: Sound Ideas
Качество: Stereo, 16 bits, 44100 kHz
В общем, - продолжение одной из "генеральных" библиотек известного производителя.

В данной раздаче имена файлов соответствуют их содержанию из треклиста производителя.
Looking for an unusual sound effect? You're almost sure to find it among the almost 10,000 digitally mastered tracks in the Network Sound Effects Library. From the blast of an acetylene torch to the zzzippp of a zipper, this 120 CD library is simply unmatched for its range of sound effects and recording quality. Industry professionals rely on Network sound effects as an essential tool in the creation of radio and television commercials, industrial films, documentaries, motion pictures, plays, Web sites, multimedia presentations and many other audiovisual productions.

The Network Sound Effects CDs are organized into 19 general categories, and individual sound effects have been carefully grouped together within each category to facilitate comparison of related effects.
Категории звуков библиотеки под спойлером:
NTWK091 Wrecking Ball Demolition, Demolition with an ax or sledgehammer, Glass Breaks, Breaking Bricks; Wrench, Pulley, Pile Driver,
Crane, Tractor, Earthmover, Bulldozer, Forklift, Bobcat, Cement Mixer, Generator, Welding

NTWK092 Boxcar Ride, Exterior Train Ride, Steady Ride w/ Rail Clicks, Diesel- Approaches, Pass bys, Starts; Steam- Start & Away, Pass
by w/ Horn, Steady Ride, Ride w/ Rail Clicks

NTWK093 BACKGROUNDS: Subway Platform, Subway Station, Railyard. HUMAN: Conductor- "All aboard", "Tickets Please", Last Call.
TRAINS: Bells, Coupling, Brake Screech, Boxcar Interior Ride, Cable Car, Boxcar Door O/C, Compartment Door O/C, Hand Car,
Horns; STEAM: Approach, Distant Whistle, Chugs, In & Stops, Steam Bursts, Pumps Steam; SUBWAY: Elevated Train, In &
Stop, Idling, Stop w/ Brake Squeals, Pass bys, Approaches

NTWK094 HOUSEHOLD: Leatherette Pouch movements, Day Planner Zipper. KITCHEN: Coffee Carafe - Hot Plate, Coffee Maker, Stir
Cup of Coffee, Commercial Coffee Maker, Microwave Oven. MECHANICAL: Fan, Microcassette Recorder, VHS Recorder.
OFFICE: Acrylic Binder Cover, Dictaphone, Binding Machine, Water Cooler, Drinking Fountain

NTWK095 Hardback, Flipping pages in a Hardback, Lick Envelope, Peel & Apply Labels, Pickup Phone Book, Place Books on a Shelf, Stuff
Envelope, Rip open an Envelope, Tear out perforated sheets. OFFICE: File Papers in File Cabinet, Thumb through File folders,
Apply Sticky-Notes, Wrap rubber band around stack of mail, Tape Dispensers, Mechanical Ink Stamp, 3 Ring Binder
Movements, Punching Machine, Rubber Stamp, Scissors

NTWK096 BACKGROUNDS: Various Offices. DOORS: Elevator Doors O/C - Interior & Exterior perspectives. ELECTRICAL: Incandescent
Hum, Halogen Hum , Florescent Hum. HOUSEHOLD: Screwing a Lightbulb, Pull Chain Light Switch. OFFICE: Elbow Lamp
movements, Dry Erase Board, Erasing on Paper, Remove Pen Caps, Fountain Pen, Postage Stamps, Pencil Sharpener,
Mechanical Pencil, Tearing Perforated Stamps, Tape Dispenser, Electric Typewriter, Manual Typewriter

NTWK097 COMMUNICATIONS: Pager Beeps, Pager Melody, Modem Connection Noises. MECHANICAL: Insert plug into electrical outlet,
Rotating Light Switch, Pull Chain Switch, Shuttling Switch, Overhead Projector, Video Projector, Power Strip Switch. OFFICE:
Large Photocopier, Fax machine- Thermal & Plain paper, Postage Meter, Postage Scale, Paper Cutter, Stapler. TELEPHONES:
Cellular Handling, Touchtone Dialing, Insert coin into payphone, Metal & Plastic Receiver handling, Bell Rings, Tone Rings

NTWK098 COMPUTERS: CD Read Error, Tray O/C, CDROM Recorder- Seeking, Writing; Jewel Case Movements, Floppy Disk Reads &
Handling, Hard Drive movements, Mouse clicks & movements, Trackball clicks, Apple PowerMac, Dot Matrix Printer, Inkjet
Printer, Laser Printers. ELECTRICAL: Static discharge from Cathode Ray Tube

NTWK099 OFFICE: Folding Metal Chair, Leather Rolling Chair, Wood & Metal Chair, Wheels on Plastic mat, Drag Metal Chair, Papers on
Desktop, Flatbed Scanner, Computer Media Cartridge, Desk Drawers, Wood & Metal File Cabinet Drawers

NTWK100 WATER: Person bathing, Water into tub, Radiator, Shower running, Filling Sink, Old Style Washing Machine Agitates, Washing
Dishes, Liquid Pours, Waterwheel, Wading in Water, Swimming, Boiling Water, Aquarium Bubbles, Water Drips, Fire Hose,
Small Fountain, Large Fountain, Trickles, Splashes, Hot Coals into Water, Steam, Rain

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