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Miss Big Ass Brazil 8 / Мисс Большая Задница Бразилии 8

Год производства: 2011 г.
Страна: США
Жанр: Anal, Big Butt, Brazilian, Gonzo, Latin
Язык: Английский
Режиссер: Ed Hunter
Продолжительность: 02:57:00

Студия: Third World Media
В ролях: Fabiane Thompson, Mayara Shelson, Sara Lopez, Julia Fontanelly

Fabiane Thompson is one of the world''s most famous big ass superstars. This hot brunette has a pretty face and an awesome smile and personality to go along with her ginormous booty. This girl is not just ass alone, but also has a perfect set of large cup tits and a neatly manicured Brazilian beaver between her legs. We oil up her ass as she shakes it around and shows it off, before stuffing large anal beads deep inside her shit box. She hardly feels them as she sucks simultaneously on a black chunk of Brazilian born beef and waits for it to cram her bottom as well. As expected her anus is softer than her pussy and with every pump and stroke her clitoris grows and swells. He pulls out of her pooper and sprays his seed across her entire right buttocks. She sucks his ass sweaty cock clean and throws a shout-out to her good friends here at Third World Media. Shower scene at end.

Mayara Shelson is much taller than her black boyfriend. She is Brazilian but has Indian facial features and a rock solid body. Her ass is much thicker than any Indian girl we''ve ever seen and she certainly isn''t shy about showing it off. Her purple bikini is swallowed up by her deep dark ass crack and her tiny tit nipples are extremely stimulated by the oil we rub around them. Her pussy is a very puffy model that is built for bagging big dicks. Her boyfriend''s got a meaty one and feeds it to her puss and then to her ever hungry anus. He brutalizes her bung and blows a small but thick one, which pools on her right butt cheek. Shower scene at end

Sara Lopez is a slutty blonde chick with white skin and a baby face. Her tits are capped with pink colored nipples, which match the inner shade of her vagina well. Her meaty vaginal flaps and her thick ass are not typical of a white girl, but Sara is from Brazil, which means her front and back doors are built to take a beating. She hops on a chubby cock for a ride and takes it on top, from behind and below too. Her back door opens with ease, but grips our man''s cock tight, before he pulls out and launches a humungous batch across her face. Shower scene at end

Julia Fontanelli is a trashy looking blonde with big tits, thick ass and an ugly face. She is a whore like most of her Brazilian friends, but might as well be white trailer trash. She has tattoos all over her body and is good at one thing and one thing only, fucking and sucking cock. She shouts and screams, talks dirty and works her thick booty off to please our man. Her ass and pussy have been well fucked before, as evidenced by the ease at which they gobble up the fat one we feed her. Her ass shakes and jiggles and slaps together before she earns a sticky mouthful. It clings to her fuck tongue and drips down her chin and this slut actually looks cuter with a face-full of sperm than she did prior. They shower and fuck some more.

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