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Скачать Merging Technologies Pyramix Virtual Studio 7.0.10 SP2 Build 11188 [2011, ENG, x86] через torrent

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Merging Technologies Pyramix Virtual Studio 7.0.10 SP2 Build 11188

Год/Дата Выпуска: 2011
Версия: 7.0.10 Build 11188
Разработчик: Merging Technologies
Разрядность: 32bit
Совместимость с Windows 7: полная
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Системные требования:
* Intel Core 2 Duo or Core2 Quad recommended (required for MassCoreTM)
* Minimum 1GB RAM under Windows XP. Minimum 2GB under Windows Vista but preferably 3GB or even 4GB for large MassCore systems!
* IDE, SATA or SCSI System Hard Disk
* PCIe graphic card with resolution of 1024x768 or better (ideally Dual-Head for twin screen operations) ATI X1550 series or higher.
* SATA 2/ RAID HD for Audio Storage
* SVGA 17" monitor (19" or better recommended)
* 3 button mouse
* USB 2 or Firewire (better) for ASIO Audio
* Windows XP Pro SP3, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Professional.
All versions of Windows operating systems mentioned are 32-bit.
Pyramix is currently not compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems.

Pyramix - это одна из самых уважаемых daw в профессиональной аудио индустрии.
Имеет непревзойденное качество звука и уровень гибкости...

Pyramix is already acknowledged as the pro audio industry's most advanced digital audio workstation.
It offers unsurpassed sonic quality and a level of flexibility proven by its suitability and acceptance in post production, multi-channel live music recording, broadcast radio and CD/DSD music mastering.

Pyramix's myriad of features include:

* Audio Format Support Includes WAV, BWF, OMF, AAF, PMF, RIFF64, AIF, SD2, MP3, DSDIFF, MXF.
* Project/Session Interchange Support for: OMF, AAF, XML, Final Cut XML, CMX-EDL, AES31, OpenTL, DAR, Akai DD-Series, Protools 5.x
* Digital I/O - Mix and Match AES-EBU, TDIF, SDIF, MADI, ADAT/SPDIF daughter cards
* Sample Rates of 32kHz to 384kHz plus DXD and DSD (1-bit 2.8MHz)
* MassCore Technology - (options for 48, 128 or 256+ channel I/O capability)
* Surround Sound Mixing
* VST multi-channel support
* Super Audio CD / DSD Support
* CD-R Mastering + CD Import
* CD Import and CD mastering to full Red Book standard
* CD Disk Write to full Red Book CD standard
* DDP Mastering
* POW-R Redithering
* Virtual Transport Server
* Sonic Import
* Apple (Final Cut Pro) XML Interchange
* Prosoniq MPEX3 Time/Pitch Scaling
* EQ-X, Extreme Definition Parametric EQ
* Video / TC Synchronization
* Machine Control (Sony P2 Protocol, incl. Chase Synchroniser)
* Remote Control (Sony P2 + Midi Protocol)


* Advanced Video Support: Record and playback DV encoded AVI video files internally within Pyramix in PAL/NTSC via suitable DV converter (not supplied).
* Machine Control (Sony P2+ Midi Protocol)
* Real-time (instantaneous) editing
* Full delay compensation
* External inserts
* Unlimited User Defined Fade/Xfade Curves and Parameters
* 16 to 384 Simultaneous I/O Channel System Configurations
* Software Unlimited Editing (Virtual) Tracks
* Comprehensive Dynamic and Snapshot Automation
* Advanced Media Manager with Full Search and Retrieval Functionality
* Full Support of multi-channel VST Plug-ins
* Networking and Network Streaming Capabilities as Standard
* Optional Sphynx 2 - 8 channel AD-DA Extreme Definition Converter.
* Pyramix is compatible with almost all other 3rd-party converters including ApogeeTM, LynxTM, PrismSoundTM, FocusriteTM and more simply by specifying Pyramix with a combination of AES-EBU, MADI, SDIF, TDIF or ADAT interface cards.

This crack enables ALL features found inside the main Pyramix software package, giving you the equivalent of having all the possible "packs" or "configurations" that you could possibly buy
(mastering, post, music, broadcast, DSD/DXD/SACD, even masscore functionality if you have the hardware). The only limitation is that when a feature calls upon specific hardware
(like hooking into a hardware mixer or using hardware-accelerated processing and mixing), you would need the relevant compatible hardware to use that feature.

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