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Domain Of Pain

Год производства: 2009 | Продолжительность: 01:06:00
Жанр: BDSM, Discipline, Device, Spanking, Compilation, Tit Punishment
Страна: USA | Язык: Английский
Студия: AmateurBound.com | Режиссер: Moe Styles
В ролях: Trina, Madison Young, Claire Adams, Kobe Lee, Nikki Sexton, Nyssa Nevers, Nicotine, Moe Styles

Nikki Sexton is tied to a chair and groped. Then her tits are tied so tight they cut into her skin and make her nipples hard.
She is then tit slapped until she reaches limits of pain she has never experienced before. Will she be back for more? Only time will tell.

Nyssa Nevers is one hot Asian American that likes the pain. After Moe gives her a harsh whipping she asks for more and she wants it harder.
Moe is only too happy to satisfy her need for pain as he bears down and whips her again and again, harder and harder.

Kobe Lee is giving Moe his daily lessons and laughs at his stupidity after he fails to answer her questions correctly. Nobody laughs at Moe.
He ties her up and applies clothespins to her perfect tits.
That''s gotta suck! He''s not done though and sends her to new heights of pain as he whips her until she can''t take any more.

Nicotine has a great set of tits. What could be better than having tits like that tied so tight they both look like they''re gonna pop.
Her pain is obvious when just as you think they couldn''t be tied any tighter Moe ties them again making Nicotine squirm and moan in pain.
There is no mercy as her tits start to turn purple and her master''s hand slaps them again and again.

In Nicotine''s second scene she goes over Moe''s knee and gets spanked until her ass glows red and radiates the warmth that only a good spanking can accomplish.
Bad girls need to be spanked and Nicotine is no exception. Will she learn her lesson and be a good girl in the future or does she like the pain and come back for more?

Madison has been a very bad girl. Instead of being punished it''s decided her friend Claire will pay the price.
Claire is ordered onto her hands and Madison climbs on her back for a ponygirl ride.
Both of them feel the sting of the riding crop as Claire is compelled to crawl on hands and knees with the weight of Madison on her back.
Then both girls have nipple clamps attached and it''s a tug of war to see who can pull the clamps off the others tits.
A classic scene of tease with these two pretty girls entering the domain of pain

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