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[NeedaPee.com] Needapee - Pee Desperation Accidents Fetish
Год производства: 2013-2014 г.
Страна: United Kingdom
Жанр: peeing, fetish, femdom, golden shower, outdoors, solo, all girls
Студия: NeedAPee.com
В ролях: Rebekah Dee, Nikki, Ayala
Описание: Девушки писают стоя, сидя, лежа...

Looks like Rebekah Dee has been heeding the advice of her rabid fan base. Need A Pee is the latest site to cash in on the craze for all things pee. Rebekah and friends have put together a site dedicated to pee shots, typically in very public places. It's not exactly a watersports site - only a couple of scenes show someone getting a soaking squirt in the face, but if cute British amateurs peeing their panties and taking a whiz in public turns your crank, you'll probably like this site.

The content at NeedAPee basically consists of Rebekah and guests having some naughty exhibitionist fun. There are no hardcore penetrations and a lot of the content isn't too graphic (other than the pee of course). It's just a bunch of British cuties with hot English accents talking about how naughty it is to be peeing in public.
Тип видео: 720p
Качество видео: SiteRip
Формат видео: WMV
Видео кодек: Windows Media
Аудио кодек: WMA
Видео: Windows Media Video 1280x720 29.97fps 6290kbps
Аудио: WMA 48000Hz stereo 192kbps
Golden Champagne

Описание: Here is a dose of double delight fun for you as Nikki joins me for a rare Needapee appearance. Stoking clad and in a mischievous mood, we've found an willing slave who we've striped, bound and dressed in a gimp mask. We fill our bladders we treat him to a taste of golden champagne as first I then Nikki fill take it in turns to pee into the receptacle that is his mouth... and we make sure that he swallows the lot!
Rebekah - On The Rocks

Описание: With autumn just around the corner I've found an idyllic spot where I can catch those last few rays of the summer sunshine. Bathed in golden light I'm sunning my tits and I've not got a care in the world as I lay back and let my mind race with naughty pee fantasies. Then I think of you guys and feeling horny it's only natural that I pee for you right? I wonder if anyone on those boats or in the hotels saw me in action?
Swamping with Nikki

Описание: When Nikki and I soaked our first victim a few weeks back the scene generated a lot of feedback, you were gushing with praise with some reporting it to be their most favourite Needapee clip to date! That's some accolade so here in this latest scene we attempt to make it even better. We power dress in bikinis and punish (or should that be treat?) our latest victim! Oh what joyous fun, any other volunteers?
Rebekah - High Altitude Pee

Описание: I can confirm that my suspicions are true, at high altitude you can pee farther and for longer! I discovered this for myself when I took to the Highlands recently for a trek. Overcome by the stunning beauty and breathtaking vistas I thought it wholly appropriate to put my theory to the test. you of course have the best birds eye view of the most important vista, featuring some nice close-up action... enjoy folks!
Coffee Break

Описание: It's time for me to introduce my latest victim, his name is Gimpy and he's a lot of fun. When recently I got together with Nikki Whiplash and Ms Nikki he had the temerity to ask for a coffee. He got a coffee alright but I suspect he didn't quite have in mind what we did because the coffee we gave him was pissed into his mouth half an hour after we drank it. Gimpy didn't seem to mind though or was he just afraid of upsetting us?

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