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Разработчик: Cakewalk
Дата выпуска: 21.03.2011
Версия: X1b
Платформа: PС (32bit.64bit)
Таблетка: Присутствует
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Системные требования: Cakewalk SONAR X1a

Обновление для рабочей станции SONAR. Список исправлений огромен и дан ниже:
Big Time color will now persist properly
Fixed an issue where ASIO devices could be lost
Fixed an issue in the Piano Roll View causing Grid Resolution > Follow Snap Settings to be unavailable
Fixed an issue where Groove Clip looping of a MIDI clip could cause Inspector fields to disappear
Fixed an issue with key bindings and no project open
Fixed an issue preventing Freeze commands from being key-bindable
Fixed an issue causing Preview at Host Tempo to not work properly with REX and Acidized .wav files
SONAR can now record correctly from multiple MIDI ports (MIDI cross talk)
Fixed an issue causing the Track View to suddenly scroll
Fixed an issue where Follow Transport enabled in the Matrix View would disable bounce and export commands
Fixed an issue causing the EQ module’s Enable/Disabled button to not be hidden properly (Studio and Essential only)
Fixed a layout issue in the Volume module of the Console View
Fixed an issue causing MDI windows to block MultiDock hitzone
Allow Only One Open Project at a Time setting now works correctly
Fixed an issue with Snap when Musical settings are disabled
Fixed various capitalization inconsistencies between parameter names
It is now possible to open the Clip Properties panel of the Inspector by double-clicking a clip
Fixed an issue causing FX chain to move position when Properties page is open and the FX chain is bypassed
Fixed an issue causing Track Templates to load without folders and other data
Fixed an issue causing the original BPM of Groove clips to not show in the Clip Properties panel
Fixed an issue preventing effects plug-ins from remaining docked in the MultiDock
Fixed an issue causing Pan values to display cropped
Fixed an issue causing the EQ plot in the Console View to disappear
Addressed several possible scenarios causing Snap Settings to change unexpectedly
The Now Time format in the Control Bar will now persist correctly
Narrow mode for Console View strips now persists properly when opening and closing the ProChannel
Fixed an issue causing Tip of the Day to appear for users of previous SONAR versions
Fixed an issue causing the splash screen to appear too briefly
Fixed an issue causing the audio Metronome to play unexpectedly
Fixed an issue causing WASAPI mode to be changed unexpectedly
Fixed an issue that could cause ProChannel compressors to be implemented twice
Fixed an issue that could cause ProChannel module enable buttons to be out of sync
Fixed an issue that could cause the Control Bar to unexpectedly disappear
Fixed an issue where track numbers could display incorrectly in the Console View
Addressed an inconsistency in the EQ Plot menu
“Display Ghosted Data" option now works properly for busses
Fixed an issue with Bounce to Clip on MIDI Tracks with Lyric events
Adjusted the EQ Plot to address an inconsistency
Fixed an issue that could cause Gain knobs to disappear from the Console View
Fixed an issue with selecting clips in track folders
Snap Settings no longer persist per-screenset
Loop Construction View edits no longer trigger Screensets
Fixed an issue where the Step Sequencer could turn off Snap
Fixed an issue causing the clip FX bin in the Inspector to not update for undo or redo
Fixed an issue causing the ProChannel routing section to display differently in the Inspector and Console View
Fixed an issue causing Record Arm buttons to display incorrectly in the Track View
All ProChannel module Enable/Disable buttons now respond to QuickGroups gestures in the Console View
Corrected an issue causing the Busses and Mains to scroll during Screenset and File load
Pressing Escape will no longer edit Inspector fields
Plug-in folders can no longer be dragged from the Browser to an FX bin
It is now possible to reorder Clip FX in the Inspector
FX Chains now properly respond to FX Bin Bypass
Fixed an issue that could cause busses to be routed incorrectly when creating a bus from an existing bus
Fixed an issue that could cause the write-enabled state of ProChannel parameters to change unexpectedly when switching compressor types
The Browser’s Audio Preview bus is now saved per-project and is no longer persisted per Screenset
Fixed an issue causing only the first Clip in a Folder to be selected
Fixed an issue preventing Staff and Lyrics Views from printing
Quantize to Pool is now available in the context menu for MIDI clips
Synth Connected toggle in the Synth menu of the Browser now properly displays Synth state
Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong ReWire device to be loaded from the Browser
Fixed an issue that could cause the Snap Settings to change when opening the Preferences dialog
Fixed an issue causing Set Measure/Beat at Now to insert a tempo change at the wrong time
Removed non-functional “Show Label” toggles from the Console View Options menu
Fixed an issue causing the Erase tool to work incorrectly with Folder clips
Adjusted the crop hit-zone for Piano Roll View note editing so that at maximum 30 pixels will be available
Fixed an issue that could cause Enable buttons of ProChannel modules to get out of sync with the VS-700
Fixed an issue that prevented the ProChannel in the Inspector from updating properly when adjusting the ProChannel for the same track in the Console View
Fixed an issue that could cause unexpected behavior with Screensets when deleting a track
Updated Synth Rack button colors to match those found in the Track View
Fixed a drawing issue with non-segmented meters in the Console View
Fixed an issue that could cause the Control Bar to appear blank
Fixed an issue causing some fields to display incorrectly in the Event List
Fixed an issue with Metronome settings changing unexpectedly
Fixed overlapping text that could appear in the Transport module of the Control Bar
Several non-functioning Keybindings from SONAR 8.5 have been removed
Fixed an issue that could cause lasso selection inconsistencies after splitting clips
Fixed an issue causing Screensets to improperly import Track View settings
Fixed an issue preventing Bus envelope drawing from being canceled with the Escape key
Fixed an issue causing Sync and Caching settings in the Preferences to change unexpectedly
Fixed an issue causing FX settings to be lost when dragging from an FX Bin to a Console Strip
Fixed an issue with Views becoming MDI windows instead of Floating when un-docking from the MultiDock
Fixed an issue preventing busses from being maximized
Addressed an issue causing MultiDock scroll arrows to appear incorrectly
Fixed an error with Delete Content Preset in the Media tab of the Browser
Fixed an issue with MIDI envelopes appearing incorrectly in the Edit Filter
Fixed an issue causing the MultiDock to unexpectedly scroll when re-sized
Fixed an issue when inserting multiple sends that could cause the first to be disabled
Addressed several inconsistencies with minimizing and maximizing the MultiDock
Addressed an issue that would cause a project to incorrectly display a dropout message if another open project had previously displayed a dropout
Fixed an issue that would allow Instrument Tracks to set their Edit Filter to BusOutputVolume
Fixed an issue causing Audio Tracks to have incorrect EQ settings when cloned
Fixed an issue causing the Gain Knob to disappear on Instrument Tracks
Add MBT To Pool function has been returned to Clip context menus
Fixed an issue that would prevent some FX Automation from writing to Instrument Tracks
Fixed an issue that could prevent nodes from being added to Clip Envelopes in overlapping areas
Fixed an issue causing the Track View to improperly reflect hidden tracks when switching Screensets
Fixed an issue preventing Stop at Project End from working for projects in a playlist
Fixed an issue that caused some ProChannel settings to be saved incorrectly
Fixed an issue causing Bus automation to display improperly when scrolled
Fixed an issue that would prevent MIDI Clip Envelopes from being created through the Edit Filter for Instrument Tracks
Fixed an issue where pressing "Q" while selecting a note in the PRV would not bring up the Quantize dialog
Fixed an issue where some Session Drummer 3 samples would loop indefinitely or not choke when desired
Fixed an issue where sidechaining to a 32-bit only plug-in would cause dropouts and instability when SONAR's 64-bit Double Precision Engine was turned on
Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting automation data
Fixed a crash that could occur when scrolling
Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a project
Fixed a crash that could occur when soloing grouped busses
Fixed a potential crash that could occur when read enabling parameters in FX Chains
Fixed a potential crash when opening the Piano Roll View
Fixed a potential crash that could occur when bouncing audio
Fixed a potential crash when opening the Staff View
Fixed a potential crash that could occur when changing project sample rate in ASIO mode
Fixed a memory leak in Sonitus:FX Delay
Addressed an instability with deleting Busses containing enabled ProChannel modules
Fixed a potential stack overflow when inserting a Send set to a new Bus
Fixed an issue that could cause a SONAR process to remain running after exiting if a MIDI effect had been used
Fixed a resource leak in the Loop Construction View
Fixed an issue that could cause glitches or a drop-out when inserting a bus during playback
Fixed an issue that could cause x64 installations to freeze when changing the sample rate while loading a project
Implemented several crash recovery improvements, increasing the likelihood of a recovery project being saved
Fixed an issue that could cause instabilities with the ProChannel EQ when moving crop during playback
Fixed a potential crash where inserting a Surround FX Chain onto a Stereo Bus would cause SONAR to stop responding. NOTE: currently there is no method for converting Surround FX Chains to Stereo FX Chains automatically. Click here for more info
ProChannel UI
Console View UI
Snap Settings UI
Fixed an issue that could cause the screen to flicker when using Advanced MIDI Strips in the Inspector
To solve an issue that could be encountered when using more than 4GB of RAM the following effects and instruments have been updated (x86 and x64):
Channel Tools
Linear Phase EQ
Linear Phase Multiband Compressor
PX-64 Percussion Strip
VX-64 Vocal Strip
TS-64 Transient Shaper
TL-64 Tube Leveler
Session Drummer 3
Studio Instruments - Bass
Studio Instruments - Drums
Studio Instruments - Piano
Studio Instruments - Strings
To solve a potential crash that could be encountered when automating, the following effects have been updated (x86 and x64):

Cakewalk Alias Factor
Cakewalk Classic Phaser
Cakewalk Compressor / Gate
Cakewalk HF Exciter
Cakewalk Modfilter
Cakewalk Multivoice Chorus/Flanger
Cakewalk Parametric EQ
Cakewalk Studioverb2 (x86 only)
Cakewalk Tempo Delay
Cakewalk Bitmeter

XRayExclude.INI Updated
XRayExclue.ini has been updated to exclude Nugen Audio. This avoids an issue with Nugen Audio plug-ins by preventing X-Ray from affecting those plug-ins.
EQ and ProChannel for Surround Busses
In SONAR X1b it is now possible to apply the ProChannel (Producer only) and the Sonitus:fx EQ (Studio only) to Surround Busses. This addresses a number of issues, including potential crash issues with Sonitus:fx EQ being moved to the FX bin when loading a project saved in SONAR 8.5.
It is not possible to access the Surround Bridge UI for the Sonitus:fx EQ or ProChannel when used on Surround Busses. This means that un-linking channels and other Surround Bridge options are not available.
Sidechaining is not possible with the surround-bridged ProChannel compressors (Producer only)
Auto-Enable for ProChannel Modules (Producer only)
ProChannel modules will now auto-enable when used for the first time. Please note the following:
The first time a control is touched or moved within a given module, it will turn the respective module ON
Any subsequent changes to any control in the same module (other than the enable/disable command) will not enable or disable the module
This command is persisted per-module, per track and per project - once a specific module has auto-enabled once, it will not auto-enable a second time
ProChannel Freezes with Track (Producer only)
When freezing a track the ProChannel will now freeze as well. In order to reflect this, the ProChannel will become grayed-out. When the track is un-frozen the ProChannel will be re-enabled.

V-Studio 700
An updated control surface plug-in for the VS-700 is included with SONAR X1b. A full pdf of changes is available here. In summary:
ProChannel support added to the CHANNEL STRIP CONTROL (Producer only)
Updated controls in the ACCESS PANEL as well as updated functionality to mirror workflow changes in X1
Addressed other workflow and controls from 8.5 to X1
V-Studio 20
A new version of the VS-20 control surface plug-in is included with X1b. This update now allows for the DAW OUTPUT control on the VS-20 hardware to control both the left and right faders of the hardware Main Output in SONAR

V-Vocal Update
V-Vocal has been updated with SONAR X1b, issues addressed include:
Fixed a potential crash that could occur when changing time durations of a V-Vocal clip
Fixed a potential crash that could occur when removing a V-Vocal clip
Fixed a potential crash that could occur when adjusting a V-Vocal clip
Addressed an error with looping V-Vocal clips
Included several general stability improvements when working with V-Vocal
Console Layout Updates
SONAR X1b includes updates and improvements for the Console Strips including:
Removed drop arrows and overlay icons from controls in Narrow Strips, allowing additional characters to be displayed
Adjusted labels and label positions on various controls
Removed ellipsis from FX bin to allow seeing as much of the FX name as possible
An editable EQ plot has been added to narrow strips for ProChannel (Producer only)
Track name and number have been moved to separate rows allowing for longer track names to be displayed
Console Selection Enhancements and Re-ordering
It is now possible to select non-adjacent tracks in the Console View. To do this hold SHIFT or CTRL while clicking on a track strip's Track Number field
It is also now possible to re-order tracks. Hold ALT while dragging a track to change its position. This gesture is available from any open part of a track strip
Browser Additions
A "Loop Preview" toggle has been added to the Media menu of the Browser. When enabled, SONAR will preview clips the same as with X1a. When disabled, SONAR will always preview a clip starting from the beginning and will play through a single time, ideal for one-shots
It is now possible to view, preview, and add FLAC files to a project from within the Browser
MultiDock Updates

The hit-zone for docking has been limited to the top section of the MultiDock, limiting the chance for unintentional docking
When the MultiDock is floating, pressing D will now minimize the MultiDock as opposed to re-docking it

ASIO Dynamic Sample Rate Improvements
Improvements have been made to the way SONAR handles dynamic sample rate changes with ASIO devices. If an ASIO driver supports changing its sample rate dynamically, it will be possible to load SONAR projects at different sample rates. SONAR will automatically switch the device sample rate when playback is started without requiring a restart of the application.

Keybindings and Hot Keys
CTRL + SHIFT + F12 has been added as the default control to toggle Snap modes between Move-To and Move-By
It is now possible to bind a key to Snap to Measure
Clip Length Format Changed
Clip lengths are now displayed in Beats:Ticks format. This provides a consistent, accurate length value despite meter changes in a project.

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